While aluminium double hung window systems are a great choice for installation in residential properties, their functionality and durability can be enhanced by applying a special coating.

There re several types of coatings available today. Some are applied on glass panes while others are applied on the window frame. Read on to learn more about the most popular coatings for application on a double hung window.

white powder coated aluminium double hung windows


Coatings Applied On Glass

There are several types of coatings that can be applied on the glass that comes with double hung style of windows. The most popular coatings for glass include:

  1. Low Emissivity Coatings

Low emissivity coatings are usually applied on glass to enhance its energy efficiency. A low emissivity coating works by keeping out infrared rays and allowing light to pass through the glass.

The coatings are available in two options including hard coat and soft coat. A hard coat is ideal for application on a window system with either single or double glazing. On the other hand, a soft coat is only ideal for application on a double glazed window.

  1. Liquid Coatings

Another popular coating for application on glass is liquid coatings. These coatings are applied on glass to prevent glare and UV rays from passing through it. That way, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable temperature in your home, especially during hot, sunny days. Also, blocking out UV rays will protect soft furnishings, curtains, and carpets from fading that results from direct sunlight.

  1. Nonstick Coatings

Nonstick coatings are made of Teflon material. They work by stopping dirt from sticking on the glass surface. As a result, they make windows to remain cleaner. Also, they make it easier to clean the glass.


Coatings Applied on the Window Frame

Besides coating glass, you can also apply a coating on the window frame. There are several types of coatings applied on the frame. If your windows are made of aluminium frames, one of the best coating to apply on the framing is a powder coating.

Powder coating is applied during the manufacturing process, before installing the glazing. Powder coating boasts of being a durable coating.

The coating comes in a wide range of colors to choose from such that you can find a color choice that will match with the finishing on your home.

If your windows come with timber frames, they can be coated with traditional coatings like paint, stains, oils, and lacquers.

Your preferences and the level of protection you want to add to the timber will determine the type of coating to apply on the frame.

If you prefer the timber frame to retain its natural look, then consider applying lacquer, stain, or oil coating. If you’d want the frame to match with a certain element, then consider painting it in the preferred color.


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