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Types of Exterior French Doors

French doors are among the typical doors used in homes today, thanks to their exquisite beauty. The fact that these doors are made up of double-layered panels sets them apart from other door types. It means that such doors can open both inwards and outwards.

Furthermore, French doors can be used for both interior and exterior purposes. They pose as the ideal doors for interior rooms like the dining chambers. As exterior doors, they can serve as your patio.




In this article, we shall briefly focus on the various types of exterior French doors. As such, you will be able to make a sound choice for your home. In general, the exterior doors are available in an array of styles that primarily feature carved and decorative wood edges with transparent or stained glass. Such doors are availed with double-paned glass that offers better insulation.


Hinged Exterior French Doors:

They encompass two double doors that are hinged, thus enabling them to open either into or out of the room. If you consider using a hinged French door for your patio, the outer swing doors will be opening onto your patio.

There are some variety of material options to consider in the case of hinged doors, including fine wood or metal along with some clear or decorative glass.

Hinged French doors which are made from glass-free metal or vinyl are the best options if you don’t want to hassle of constant maintenance. Get a decking contractor if you want to have your french doors lead out to a new deck.


Pocket Exterior French Doors:

They are the ideal door for rooms with limited spaces, and which can’t accommodate the swinging open of the French doors. The Pocket doors work by sliding into the walls of either side of the door.

They can suit a patio with limited spaces since they will be sliding off to either side. It is vital to consider allowing for enough space for the pockets and any other special construction that the exterior pocket door will need.

The move will ensure that the doors are sealed properly and also protected from other elements.


Multi-Fold and Bi-fold Exterior French Doors:

They are accordion-style doors that have got door panels hinged together and then set on a sliding track. These doors have the ability to fold and slide to the side. Bifold and Multi-Fold doors are very stylish and attractive to equip in any home.

Just like the name suggests, Bifold doors are made up of two panels that fold twice onto itself. On the other hand, multi-fold doors consist of smaller panels that fold about three to four times within themselves.

In spite of the style, French doors are ideal for use in small spaces are rooms since they take limited space. Furthermore, they also require some unique construction that ensures these doors remain protected and sealed from weather changes.

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