Outdoors aluminium louvres in Sydney look very appealing in any outdoor space. They’re very functional and make it possible to control light in both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Here are more details on how to use outdoor louvres to control light in an outdoor space.

outdoor aluminium and glass louvre ideas


Outdoor Louvres Explained

There are several ways of using outdoor louvres. For instance, you can have them installed over the exterior doors and windows.

You can also install them around outdoor areas. Their design makes it possible to control light in a space. Besides, they’re attractive and blend with any style of a home. They’re either operable or fixed.

Louvres are available in several sizes. They’re also made of different materials such as timber, aluminium, and PVC. Louvres are either vertical or horizontal. The horizontal style is more popular than vertical louvres.

Regardless, vertical louvres are also functional like horizontal louvres. All types and styles of louvres come in a wide selection of colors, including finishes that look like timber.


How Do Outdoor Louvres Control Light?

The way louvres are operated makes them quite unique in controlling light into a space. Although fixed louvres are great for allowing a dappled kind of light into an outdoor entertaining area, operable louvres are the best choice for controlling light.

You can easily open operable louvres at a preferred angle. For instance, open them completely to allow full sunlight into the space.

If you want glare-free light, then angle them in such a way that glare is directed away from the space. For privacy, close the outdoor louvres fully or tilt them to an almost closed position.

There are two ways of opening and closing operable louvres, including manual and motorized mechanisms. Manual mechanisms are effective and allow for precise control over the louvres.

On the other hand, motorized mechanisms are extremely convenient, especially when operating louvres located high on the wall such that you can’t access them easily with your hand.

Some motorized louvres come with sensors that work by adjusting the angle of the louvres automatically. The sensors detect changing weather conditions and either close or open the louvres accordingly.


Applications of Outdoor Louvres

Louvres stand out for their incredible versatility. You can install them in several outdoor spaces.

While they’re traditionally used over the exterior doors and windows, you can as well install them as roofing for your patio or use them to enclose your favorite outdoor spaces such as verandas, balconies, and patios.

It’s also possible to use outdoor louvres to hide unappealing outdoor areas and elements such as the rainwater tanks and bins.


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