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3 Track Aluminium Windows With Grills

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The Key Differences between UPVC Windows and Aluminum Windows

Vinyl siding, rigid vinyl, and uPVC windows have been some of the most widely used aluminum windows for the last two to three decades. uPVC windows are energy efficient and this has contributed largely to their popularity.

However, innovations in windows made of aluminum have made them friendlier to the environment than the uPVC ones.

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However, the main disadvantage of windows made of aluminium is that they are good conductors of heat and hence poor at thermal insulation. On the contrary, uPVC is a poor heat conductor.

It is a type of plastic that has excellent thermal resistance. Hence, uPVC made windows are perform better in preventing heat transfer between the interior and the exterior of a house.


3 track aluminium windows with grills sydney


Thus, they keep heat in a house and cold outside a house during winter and during summer, they usually keep heat out and cool air inside a house. It’s estimated that a single window made of UPC can save you $20 each winter in costs of heating your home. On the contrary, windows made of aluminium allow cold to seep in during winter and allow heat to seep in during summer.

The cost of both types of windows is relatively the same. Those made of uPVC come in multiple styles that can be used in stable doors, bow windows, and patio doors. They can also be printed easily to look just like wood and other styles. They can last for at least three decades with little maintenance. They also resist humidity.


thermal aluminium windows


It’s understandable why windows made of aluminium are now less popular. But they have some advantages that might get you thinking harder on the best type of window frame between aluminium and uPVC.

To start with, thermal resistance problems of aluminium frames are now being addressed by manufacturers using new techniques. These windows now come with a thermal break to offer insulation. This will assist in cutting down costs of heating when compared to the aluminum frames that lack thermal breaks.


36 x 36 aluminium windows


Aluminium, being a metal, does not rust. They can outlast the uPVC type and last at most six decades without demanding a lot of maintenance. However, their other drawback is that they dent easily.

Aluminum frames also take less space than rigid vinyl frames. Hence, you can lose more natural light when using uPVC windows that aluminium ones.

Finally but not least, vinyl siding cannot be recycled. Thus, they are not friendly to the environment. Aluminium can be recycled easily and this makes them more friendly to the environment that the uPVC ones. Timber frames, unless they have been recycled, are considered as the least alternative to go for since they do not last long especially in harsh weather conditions. Cutting down trees is also not ideal as it destroys the environment.

However, it is challenging to decide on the best type of window frame. With this information in mind, making the best choice would be narrowed down based on your values and personal taste.