Today, more homeowners are acknowledging the importance of installing louvre windows in Sydney in their indoor and outdoor spaces.

These windows comprise of horizontal slats or blades. The slats are typically made of aluminium, glass, or wood among other materials.

Louvre blades are slated or angled to allow light and air into a room while keeping away rain and harsh sunlight. You can adjust the slats by using the handle or lever. You can also find automated louvres that are adjusted with the help of a button or sensors.

white aluminium louvres in a home


Here are some benefits of installing louvre windows:

Benefits of Installing Aluminium Louvre Windows

  1. Adjustable blade

Adjustable louvre blades make it possible to control the level of ventilation in a room. You can adjust the blades to control airflow. If you need maximum cooling effects, angle the blades upward to direct cool breeze toward the ceiling.

  1. Wider opening

Louvre windows open twice wider than standard windows. Thus, they allow for maximum ventilation.

  1. Easy to maintain

It’s easier to maintain and clean louvres than other types of windows. For instance, you can easily clean both the interior and exterior surfaces of a louvre window from within your home. Thus, it’s more practical to clean louvres installed on higher floors.


Highlight/Clerestory Louvre Windows

Most Australian homeowners like installing wide but short louvre windows near the ceiling. Such windows are referred to as highlight or clerestory windows. They’re suitable for allowing warmer air to flow out of a room. Some are operated manually while others are powered.

Windows installed high in the wall will enhance ventilation and provide privacy and diffused light. Thus, you won’t require blinds or curtains. You can as well install the windows lower in the wall to allow cool air to flow across the room.



  • The windows can be left open at a slight angle during gentle rainfall.
  • Louvre windows are less ideal for use in colder regions.
  • Aluminium slats can come in a powder coating with several color options. Aluminium slats can also have a wooden grain finish resembling wood. They’re easier to clean and maintain than slats made of real wood.
  • If you’re considering high louvres, choose a power-operated option. In this case, consider electrical wiring when planning for powered louvres.
  • When ordering your louvres, ensure you let the supplier know about any plans to install screens. That way, the windows will be installed in such a way that adding screens won’t affect the operability of the louvres.

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