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Combining 2 Double Hung Windows | Quick Installation

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The Elegance and Beauty of a Double Hung Window

Have you ever imagined of a home that doesn’t have windows? Windows are beneficial in that they make it possible to view the nature outside while at the comfort of the home. They also allow natural light to enter into a space and this makes a home feel livelier. A home can never feel like a home if it lacks windows.

If the house lacks windows, it can actually feel like a jail for criminals. Houses also need enough ventilation to let in fresh air and windows do offer ventilation. Since the early years, most buildings, including homes, have always used double hung windows. This is still a common trend till date.

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Windows were initially normal holes left on the wall until they became essential parts of all buildings. They are generally decorated with curtains and are placed strategically to allow sunlight to enter into a home especially during sunrise. Windows come in many types including horizontal sliding slashes, single hung sashes, and casement windows among others.

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Then there are windows that are double hung. They are common all around the world. They usually comprise of two sashes which slide upwards and downwards within a frame. Initially, movement of the sashes was aided by weights fitted on either sashes. Today, they rely on spring balances for movement. Those that were designed as shutters are still in use today.

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The modern versions of these windows still possess the traditional looks but they come with some minor modifications. Modern ones still have two sashes, a lower sash and an upper sash. The sashes slide perpendicularly along different channels in a metal stripping or side jambs. They use compressed weather stripping or springs for movement rather than boxes and weights like in the traditional types.

These new features are new innovations that improve their functionality. For instance, the compressed weather stripping offers three functions which include preventing air filtration, providing tension, and offering counterbalance. There are many more parts that have been introduced into these windows to ensure safety and efficiency.

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For instance, they have sash lifts that are attached at the rail’s base and fasteners or sash locks for locking the window and make the sashes fit together to make the window airtight. It is also possible to organize these windows as a double type, triple, or just one unit. These windows give the walls an effect of a window wall depending on your home’s design.

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Although some people view this design as old fashioned, it still offers elegance and beauty to modern houses. No matter how modern the design of a house looks like, double hung windows will still add value and elegance to the house. They prove that classic designs never go out of taste and style.

They are created with creative craftsmanship that still has a lot of influence on today’s architects. With this information in mind, you will always have the basics and history of these windows at your fingertips. Learn more here.