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Awning vs Double-Hung Windows | Benefits | Sydney Bay Window

Awning vs Double-Hung Windows | Benefits | Sydney Bay Window 2017-08-25T09:10:48+00:00

What You Need To Know About Double-Hung Windows

You may have heard about windows that are double-hung. Chances are you have them in your home or you have seen them in your neighbor’s or friend’s house. However, at first, you may fail to recognize this term.

Basically, these are windows divided into two. Each half generally slides up or down a groove. Each half slides either behind or in front of the other half.

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These windows are also referred to as sash windows. They have been in use for many decades and look great in both older and modern buildings. Technology behind these windows has seen emergence of newer types and designs.

For instance, relatively new innovations of these windows are the double-hung vinyl windows. These newer types offer more benefits when compared with the older wooden windows.

awning vs double-hung windows

bay window with double hung windows

Why You Might Choose Vinyl

There’re three key reasons why many people now opt to choose the vinyl ones over traditional types. These reasons are:

  1. They are generally cheaper than those with wooden frames, making them popular among people with a tight budget.
  2. They are cheaper and easier to maintain. They do not demand frequent cleaning and hardly demand repainting, unlike wood that demands regular treatment.
  3. Vinyl frames offer better insulation when compared to other common alternatives.

best quality double hung windows

blinds for double hung windows

In case you opt to go for the vinyl type, chances are that your dealer may want to tempt you with some other options. Here are such options, and each option might be more expensive when compared to the standard cost, thus choose carefully:

  1. Muntins- Muntins are basically dividers separating smaller glass panes within each of the two halves of the window, or they can be plastic overlays creating a similar effect over each pane. Whichever way, they divide a window into several segments. They add more authenticity to Colonial and Cape Cod homes.
  2. Night Vent Latches- These options allow fresh air to move into the bedroom during the night. They stop the window from closing beyond some inches. However, always ensure that your dealer guarantees safety and acceptable intruder protection levels in case you opt for this option.
  3. Insulating Glass- You can save some money on the annual heating bills when you go for windows that have insulation gas injected between the panes, or glass with an insulating coating. However, do not expect immediate returns, but you will ultimately make some good savings.
  4. Triple pane types are another option that can also reduce your annual utility bills.
  5. The easy-to-clean mountings are another option that swivels inwards, making it easy to clean the exterior side while you are still within the house.

With these details in mind, choosing these windows is made easier, and you can always have many options to choose from depending on your budget and personal preferences.