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Difference Between Glass Replacement And Glass Repair


For business owners, problem-solving is an essential skill. There are all kinds of things that can go wrong when you manage a commercial property. Some are easy to fix. Others require more time and money.


Fortunately, broken glass, though common, is a relatively simple problem to solve. You’ve just got to get in touch with the right supplier or service provider. To do this, you first need to assess the break and determine its severity. This will help you decide if the broken glass needs repairing or replacing.


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It’s worth considering both options because there are as many types of break as there are glass products.


Windows don’t always smash. Sometimes they crack and splinter. Skylights might get chipped, rather than splintering in a dramatic fashion.


The first step, then, is deciding whether a full replacement is necessary. This will depend on the size of the glass feature or piece, its location, function, and degree of damage.


Many types of commercial glass are installed in sections which means replacement isn’t the only option. For instance, if just one window pane is cracked or chipped, there’s usually no need to remove the entire window. The broken piece can be extracted and replaced individually.


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Similarly, very tiny chips and cracks don’t always need a replacement of any type. Often, they can be filled in with a specialist substance so that the rest of the glass isn’t disturbed. This process is quick, affordable, and hassle-free.


However, only highly qualified technicians should be permitted to carry out these repairs in your place of work. Otherwise, the quality may be poor, and the glass could continue to break.



Ideally, you should always work with a glass supplier or repair company that has plenty of experience. Visit their website and look for customer reviews and testimonials. There should be lots of evidence (preferably pictures) of previous work.


“When it comes to picking the right type of glass for a repair or replacement, you should feel confident trusting the recommendations of your supplier”, says Jake Roberts from Troy’s Glass, a reputable glass firm in the US. You don’t have to follow their advice, but it’s handy to have expert opinions.


Tempered glass is very popular with commercial sites because it is extremely strong. It has been specially treated to increase durability and reduce the chance of shattering. This makes it one of the safest options, particularly in high traffic areas.


Tempered windows and doors are significantly less likely to break, even when struck by small objects. They can be broken with enough force, but it’s improbable that this would happen during normal operational routines.


Before committing to one supplier, it’s worth asking around for a selection of project quotes. This will give you a good idea of the going rate for glass work and help you pick an affordable, reliable company.


If possible, get three or four quotes from different suppliers. Price is obviously a big concern for most businesses, but it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. The lowest rate is not necessarily the best deal. Try to find a balance between quality and affordability.


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