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Glass Partitioning vs Standard Partitioning

While the difference between a glass office partition and a standard one may be obvious there are more differences than most people realize. When using a glass partition a person cannot see their fellow workers allowing for additional privacy.

There are many benefits to using partitions and a person can see the positive aspects of using glass partitions (see more here) or standard partitions.

There are benefits to using both of these partitions. The one that a company selects will be based on their needs as well as their budget.

beautiful glass partitioned office room in Sydney

Glass Partitions

  • Visually Appealing

Glass partitions have a professional look to them. They can add class to any office. They can help the company make a good first impression on the employees and create a positive working area for employees, clients, and others. The frosted glass can add an even more pleasing look to the office setting.


  • Diversify the Office

Glass partitions can be customized and they are available in many different shapes and sizes. When looking for a glass partition check for the bespoke design. This is a popular choice and it looks great.


  • Light

Glass partitions will allow natural light from windows into the work area. Natural light is often limited in an office. This will help reduce the use of fluorescent lighting. The company can save money on their electric bill and help out the environment at the same time. The company can also state that they are making an effort to go green.


  • Inexpensive

It costs less money to install glass partitions that fitted walls. The partitions are durable and they can be altered as needed to keep up with the changes that are happening within an office.


  • Noise Reduction

Modern glass partitions can block out outside sounds and noise. This is important especially when a company is dealing with confidential matters. They can also come with a frosted glass design which allows for additional privacy. This is great for people that have frequent meetings.


  • Motivate

Working in a pleasant environment with natural lighting will increase employee morale. Employees will be more productive and the office will be a pleasant place to work. This will make for happy employees.



Traditional Office Partitions

  • Privacy and Space

Every employee has their own working space as well as everything they need in order to do their job. They should be able to work in a quiet area and will have access to their computer and other office equipment.


  • Working as a Team

When employees need to work together the partition will allow them access to the same workspace and a quiet area to plan out an event.


  • Design

The partitions can make the office more visually appealing while giving employees the space they need to work. The partitions can be customized to fit into any office space even if the floor plans are awkward.


  • Affordable

These partitions are cost effective. They do not last as long as the glass partitions but are very affordable and can be used for a number of years.

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