Louvre Windows in Sydney

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Won’t it be amazing if you could add a breezy air of elegance to your home? It is easily possible by using the Louvre Windows offered by Innovative Aluminium & Glass.

These windows are a perfect solution for the ventilation problems of your home because they can enhance the airflow of your home. These windows also look stylish and designer to anyone visiting you as they are sleek and made up of beautifully designed glass.

These windows are best utilised in rooms that have a cramped space or a small passageway like a narrow hallway, a constricted corridor or a laundry room. Opening and closing the Louvre Windows is very easy. You just have to slide a simple level upward or downward.

You also get the option of opening the slats to a horizontal position to get the maximum amount of airflow. You can also restrict the airflow by opting for a smaller angle.

Installing Louvre Windows is a perfect solution for people who need their windows opened all the time without compromising on the security aspect. These windows have small openings that cannot be used to climb through.

Innovative Aluminium & Glass has a track record of successfully installing and supplying Louvre Windows in every part of Sydney.


Advantages of Louvre Windows


Natural Light

Increase the amount of natural light coming into your home by installing the Louvre Windows in your kitchen, living rooms, patios and even balconies.


Simple Maintenance

You don’t need any high tech tools to keep the windows squeaky clean and well maintained. You can clean them from just one side.

The 152 mm wide blades are also easy to clean in a jiffy. These windows are lightweight so you won’t be harmed seriously while keeping them up to date.


Space Saving

Every Louvre Window we supply is meant to ensure that your living space is not compromised.

Every window has reasonably sized blades that will not take any unnecessary living space and make your rooms feel small.


Simple Touch Operations

One can open and close the windows as per the mood of a person. The smoothly operating level would ensure that no effort is required in opening or closing the windows.

The operation will remain smooth for years with minimal maintenance.


Extra Secure

All the Innovative AG Louvre Windows have the provision for adding in an additional security screen to make you feel more secure.

The windows are also made by using high quality aluminium which ensures your protection and the protection of your loved ones. Click here to check out our other types of windows.

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