Commercial Aluminium Windows in Sydney

We offer affordable commercial windows and doors for strata properties, government facilities, educational properties, and public avenues among others in Sydney NSW.

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commercial glass windows with aluminium frames for a building

Aluminium Sliding Windows

It’s important to ensure your business premises have industrial-grade sliding windows to keep your property protected and showcase your products and/or services in the best way possible.

Innovative Aluminium & Glass manufactures, supplies, and installs durable sliding windows of all types. We’re based in Sydney and tailor our windows based on your preferences. Our skilled craftsmen focus on meeting the specific needs of every customer.

Louvre Aluminium Windows

These stylish, elegant, and durable commercial-grade windows are made to last. They allow for sufficient air circulation within a business premise and are architecturally sound.

They’re manufactured with advanced technology and top-quality materials to ensure that you’ll get the best end product. Besides, you can choose from a wide variety of louvre windows depending on your needs.

If you’re looking for louvre windows to regulate sunlight, airflow, and privacy in your shop, you can rest assured that Innovative Aluminium & Glass has the best options.

Bifold Aluminium Windows

You can make any room within your motel, hotel, business, office, or any other commercial setting to have sufficient natural light by choosing our bi-fold aluminium windows.

Want unrestricted access to your business premises? Let our experts install bi-fold aluminium windows in your business. They’re available in a wide range of sizes, colours, and two or more foldable panel configurations. Thus, we have options that can suit any kind of commercial premises.

Besides, our windows are strong, durable, and easy to operate. Besides, they offer great thermal and acoustic properties to enhance the environment of your business premises.

Awning Casement Aluminium Windows

At Innovative Aluminium & Glass, we possess the required skills and expertise to make industrial-grade awning casement windows for all commercial properties. Our windows feature unique designs.

They’re made using top quality and durable aluminium material. Thus, they’ll keep your commercial property looking great and protected at all times.

We design and manufacture different kinds of commercial frames, doors, and windows to suit specific needs of every customer. We offer custom designs to ensure the windows fit perfectly.

Moreover, we’re passionate about our services. We’re confident that we’ll offer you the best services, thanks to our expertise and professionalism.

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aluminium glass windows for a cafe business

Durable Aluminium Frames

Our window and door frames are made of top quality and durable aluminium. They’re suitable for installation in all commercial premises including business complexes, shops, pubs, schools, motels, cafes, and hotels among others.

You can make the environment and products in your business premises stand out by installing industrial grade windows and commercial doors in Sydney. We offer custom aluminium windows and doors for a perfect fit.

They’re available in a wide range of colours and frames incorporating both thermal and acoustic properties and high-grade glazing.

Unique Window Designs

At Innovative Aluminium & Glass, we can design any kind of window or door, regardless of the style of frame you want. We acknowledge that buildings aren’t always built in standard shapes and sizes. Thus, you need to ensure that the doors and windows are made to fit the unique shape and size of your property.

Our company has the much-needed skills to manufacture custom aluminium doors and windows to fit unique openings. That way, your property will be protected both internally and externally.

We only source for high-grade aluminium to create durable frames. We use 3-dimensional design to create perfectly fitting frames. Besides, our glaziers and tradesmen will do a perfect job regardless of the shape or size of your property.

As a shop owner, you’ll have many types of aluminium windows to choose from, thanks to today’s innovative technologies in the window industry.

You can choose highly aesthetic and fully functional personalized windows to make your business premises stand out. Whether you want the classic hinged window design or fancy skylights to enhance natural lighting, we have what it takes to deliver the windows of your choice.

Every property owner requires a certain style of windows. For instance, large sliding windows can enhance air circulation in a room whereas smaller louvre windows enhance the security of a property.

Likewise, stylish bi-folding windows will easily get your customers or guests talking. Thus, the reasons to install aluminium windows are almost limitless.

It’ll also help to choose windows that are simple to maintain and energy-efficient. Typically, sliding windows are easier to maintain than the classic hinged windows. With sliding windows, you only need to clean the tracks and glass.

On the other hand, hinged windows minimize air leakage, thereby making them more energy-efficient than sliding windows. As such, there are several styles to choose from and you’ll easily find an option that will suit your preferences.

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ceiling to floor aluminium glass windows in a commercial property in Sydney

Our Aluminium & Glass Commercial Windows Include:

  1. Casement Windows

They look like hinged windows on the side and open outward. They differ with hinged windows in that their interior comes with screens that keep out contaminants and bugs. Casement windows allow for enhanced ventilation.

  1. Sliding Windows

Just like their name suggests, these windows come with two or multiple sashes that can be opened or closed by sliding them horizontally. Thus, they make it possible to have a clear and wide opening for enhanced ventilation and views.

  1. Bi-fold Windows

They feature at least two concertina panels that fold onto each other. They’re attractive and enhance the overall ambiance of a room. Their design makes it possible to add retractable insect screens to keep bugs away.

  1. Tilt & Turn

These windows open inward. To open them, first, turn the windows like casement windows, followed by tilting the window sideways as you do with hopper windows. They’re energy-efficient and enhance the security of a property.

  1. Double Hung Windows

These windows open vertically. They’re generally small and come with two sashes that slide open. A screen can be installed either outside or inside the window.

  1. Louvre Windows

They feature several blades that tilt to open or close with the help of a handle, lever, or remote control. The blades are made of materials such as aluminium, timber, and glass. Louvre windows make it easy to control light and airflow into a room.

  1. Awning Windows

They’re hinged from the top and typically open outward and upward. They’re often installed at the top area of a building for security and airflow. Awning windows are available in a wide range of configurations and shapes.

Benefits of Installing Aluminium Windows

  1. Durable and low maintenance

Aluminium boasts of having corrosion resistant properties. Thus, it’s ideal for use in manufacturing weather-resistant window frames. Aluminium windows can withstand harsh weather elements. Aluminium doesn’t split, warp, swell, or crack with age. Thus, you can rest assured that aluminium windows will serve you for a lifetime.

  1. Reduces carbon footprint

As pollution levels and energy consumption increase, it’s becoming more important for everyone to play a conservatory role. Luckily enough, aluminium windows reduce carbon footprint by reducing heat loss, thereby assisting to conserve energy as a result of reduced heating and cooling.

Existing research proves that using double glazed aluminium windows assists businesses and shops to save energy by reducing the reliance on air conditioning systems.

  1. Design Flexibility

Aluminium boasts of being strong and flexible. Thus, it can be customized to exact customer specifications. Aluminium offers a wide variety of window designs, finishes, systems, and glass options. Thus, there are unlimited possibilities when working with aluminium to manufacture both basic and complex window systems.

  1. Finishes

Aluminium windows are available in several finishes. Thus, you can have them matched to the décor of your business premises. For instance, if you want windows with the look of aged timber, you can choose aluminium frames that come in wood finishes. In this case, a powder coating is applied to the aluminium frame to make it look like timber without affecting its maintenance and durability.

Anodizing treatments can be applied on aluminium to enhance its corrosion resistance, thereby making it suitable for use in both outdoor and indoor applications. Besides, anodizing treatments are available in several colours.

Powder coatings are also used to add attractive finishes on aluminium frames. Windows with powder coatings don’t require repainting. You can choose coatings combining natural colours or colours that will blend with the existing décor of your commercial property.

  1. Thermal Performance

Another benefit that comes with aluminium windows is their high energy efficiency. They’re able to prevent heat gain into a room during summer and prevent heat loss from a room during winter. Their energy efficiency is higher than that of expensive timber and UPVC equivalents.

  1. Recyclable

Aluminium has a high recycling rate, making it a sustainable material for use in manufacturing. Recycling aluminium only requires little energy. Thus, it’s both recyclable and energy-saving, making it an ecofriendly material for making windows.

  1. Quick Payback and Affordable

Aluminium windows are more affordable than other framing materials. Also, their cost of maintenance is lower than that of other materials. Besides, they’re energy saving such that they cut on energy bills. Consequently, they’re able to pay for themselves more quickly than other types of windows.

Whether you’re searching for windows or doors for a renovation project or building a new commercial property, no framing material beats aluminium. Thus, install aluminium windows to enjoy their numerous benefits.

Why Choose Innovative Aluminium & Glass in Sydney?

We offer affordable commercial windows and doors for strata properties, government facilities, educational properties, and public avenues among others.

Our windows and doors come with strongly built security locks that’ll give your commercial facility maximum security. Besides, our aluminium windows and doors are simple to maintain.

Framing, Glazing, and Screening Designs

We acknowledge that every property owner has different needs. Thus, we offer customized glazing to meet specific needs. Whether you’re looking for windows to enhance security, reduce noise, or reduce heat transfer, we have the right options for you.

Moreover, our windows and doors are specially designed to enhance airflow, improve aesthetics, and offer protection against harmful insects, corrosion, and bushfires.

Additionally, we can customize both frameless and framed window designs. We customize frames to match any window or door shape and fit any kind of glazing. Our window and door frames are powder-coated to enhance their durability.

Besides, we can colour match your preferred texture or colour. You can also use commercial windows for your residential property. Call us today through 1800 679 661 to book for an appointment or to request for a free estimate.

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