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How Aluminium Patio Doors Add Security To A Backyard in Sydney

Traditionally, patio doors were mainly made of wood. Frames that are wooden appear elegant. However, their main drawback is that wood tends to be relatively expensive. Hence, aluminium is more preferred than wood since it is cheaper.

Commercial production of aluminium started in the 1850s. Since then, architects and engineers have always chosen aluminium as one of the most ideal construction materials. Nowadays, products made of aluminium are found everywhere.


sliding patio door with aluminium frame


You can find them in eyeglass frames, TV antennas, bracelets, ladles, watches, and other items. The long list of items made using this material can never be complete if aluminium doors are excluded, specifically those designed for the patio.


What Are These Doors?

Doors that open up into a patio are not similar to regular doors. They are almost fully glazed, only that they have frames.

The key reason why they’re almost fully glazed is to make it possible for homeowners to relax within an interior space while still enjoying a beautiful and wide view of their backyard or garden.

However, these doors aren’t made to only offer a wide view at the comfort of an interior space. They also come with many benefits that make them popular.

With respect to aesthetics, these doors are more superior to regular entry doors. These doors are certainly more appealing to look at when you look them from the outside. Homes with such lovely doors tend to be eye-catching.

There is more to this. Besides making a home have excellent exteriors, these doors also make an interior space look elegant. This is because they’re almost fully glazed, making them allow maximum entry of natural light into an interior space.

Interiors that lack sufficient lighting look dull or gloomy. However, natural light emphasizes the beauty of interiors. Hence, they make a home look great both from the inside and from the outside.



Aluminium makes doors that are relatively cheaper than those made of wood. Hence, aluminium ones are preferred to wooden ones for being cheaper.

With respect to durability, aluminium outshines wood. Aluminium has higher tensile strength than wood. Hence, it makes doors that last longer than wooden ones.

It doesn’t get scratched easily like wood. It is almost scratch-free when take good care of them. Aluminium does not rot, unlike wood. It is not prone to corroding. All these features make it outmatch wood.


The Types Available

There are many types of these doors. The key types are hinged and sliding doors. They’re similar to regular entrance doors, only that they hang as a pair and are fully glazed.

The sliding ones offer more view of the backyard and allow maximum entrance of natural light during the day.


Which One Should I Purchase?

The choice of the door for your beloved patio depends mainly on your needs. Before buying one, ensure you consider what you need. If space is not a problem, then a hinged one will be ideal. If space is an issue and you desire freeing up some space, then go for a sliding one.

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