Aluminium French Doors Prices Guide

If you’re considering to install aluminium french doors in Sydney, you’ll want to know more about their cost to make a more informed decision.

Besides, it’s important to learn more about these doors. French doors are distinguished in terms of the number and length of glass panels in them.

They usually come as a pair and both doors can be opened. You can as well find a single door configuration.

These doors are ideal for allowing maximum natural light into a space.

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aluminium and glass french doors

The estimated cost of these doors is:

  • About $400 for single French doors made of timber to $2000 at most for colonial bifold French doors
  • About $800 for single French doors made of aluminium to $1500 at most for double aluminium French doors


Why should you install a French door?

Before choosing French doors, think about their appropriateness in your home. Think about factors such as:

  • Light
  • Privacy
  • Style
  • Materials
  • Space

These doors are great for installation in spaces where privacy isn’t a major concern but you want light in the space.

You can install these doors to make smaller rooms feel larger. They’re also ideal for connecting the interior with the outdoor space. Thus, they’re a perfect choice for installation in patio entries.

You can also go for these doors in an area where you need both privacy and natural light by choosing a type that has forested glass on the upper panel and a solid bottom panel. These doors are costlier than standard ones, but they’re worth it.


What’s the cost of French doors?

When making a budget for your project, consider the overall cost of buying and installing the doors. You can invest in either standard size doors or custom doors depending on your needs.

However, expect to part with more money for custom doors. The brand, quality, and material used to make the door will also determine its cost.

Ensure you source the doors from a reputable local supplier. When choosing the doors, think about where you’d want to install them and their functionality.

Custom French doors made of timber can cost as high as $4000 per pair and $10000 for a size that can fit in curved moldings or transoms.

You can get quotes for customized timber doors from any joiner that specializes in French doors.


What’s the cost of French doors made of timber?

You can find French doors made of different types of natural timber. The best natural timbers include Red Cedar, Amoora, Merbau, Surian Cedar, and Meranti.

The kind of timber you’ll choose will affect the overall cost of the door. However, timber doors are typically more affordable than those made of aluminium. For stock French doors made of timber, they cost about:

  • Approximately $400 for a single French door measuring 2100mm x 820mm
  • Approximately $500 for a single French door measuring 2100mm x 965mm
  • Approximately $850 for a double French door measuring 2100mm by 2400mm
  • Approximately $1999 for a colonial bifold French door measuring 2950mm by 2100mm

The prices above don’t include the cost of hardware, carpentry work, and installation.

Also, each door installation job may be different depending on your needs and specifications. Thus, you should get ask for quotes from reputable door installers for more accurate pricing.

You can as well buy French doors that come with transoms (crosspieces or beams), side panels, and glass panes.


What is the cost of French doors made of aluminium? 

Traditional French doors are made of timber frames. Today, you can find stylish French doors made of aluminium. The estimated cost of these doors is as follows:

  • $800 – $1000 (single French door measuring 2100mm by 800mm)
  • $1400 (double French door measuring 2100mm by 1300mm)
  • $1500 (double French door measuring 2400mm by 1300 – 1700mm)

The above pricing is for doors only. The final pricing will also include costs for carpentry work, installation, and hardware.


Who will install French doors in my home?

Most states require door installers to be fully licensed. A reliable door installer should have sufficient experience in fields such as joinery, carpentry, or building.

For instance, in Sydney, joinery involves making and installing timber composites, non-structural timbers, or metal elements/components for windows and doors in buildings.


Hiring a Professional Door Installer

If you’re looking for a professional door installer, there are certain things to look out for. Ask potential door installers questions such as:

  • Are you fully licensed, registered, and qualified for the job?
  • Are you fully insured, including public liability and professional indemnity insurance?
  • When can you complete my job?
  • Can you offer a free, written quote?
  • Can you assist me with a list of referrals?

You should get quotes for buying and installing French doors from several local installers and compare them. That way, you’ll have more accurate estimates on the current market rates.

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