Aluminium boasts of being one of the most durable and strongest materials. It’s also easy to maintain and clean. As a result, aluminium windows with double or triple glazing are a great choice for any new construction or renovation project.

They’re typically used in retail facilities and commercial properties. They’re also an excellent choice for installation in residential properties.

double glazed sliding windows and doors for the patio


Aluminium window systems are available in several types, shapes, and configurations. You can also have them designed for installation in large openings.

Precision manufactured (extrusion) options can be designed in any color or powder-coated depending on your preferences.

Window frames made of top-quality aluminium offer good thermal and acoustic properties. However, basic aluminium frames don’t offer good thermal and acoustic properties than timber and PVC windows.

Innovative Aluminium & Glass closes this gap by designing framing systems that are thermally broken with multi-air chambers for enhanced thermal and acoustic performance. Our team of glaziers have more than 25 years experience in double glazing aluminium windows in Sydney NSW.

Double or triple glazed windows featuring aluminium frames are a great choice for glass fronts and large window openings in either business premises or residential properties. The durability and strength of aluminium make it a great choice and is available in indefinite options.

You can have a custom configuration of aluminium windows that features flush-fitted glass panels in an aluminium frame.

In this configuration, glass is suspended with a hidden mechanical system. That way, the window will look attractive and smooth. This design is often installed in high-end commercial and residential properties.

The pricey nature of aluminium based products is mainly due to the high cost of raw materials associated with high demand. Thus, aluminium windows featuring double or triple glazing are often costlier than timber and uPVC windows.

You can differentiate aluminium windows from other types of windows based on their acoustic and thermal properties, frame thickness, and quality. They have a thick window sash and an external frame that is strong enough to hold triple or double glazing units.

Thicker glazing panels and framing enhances the thermal properties of a window. High-quality windows with aluminium frames come with a thickness of 117mm at most.

We can supply such aluminium windows if needed. Our standard aluminium windows come with frame thicknesses such as 70mm, 75mm, and 85mm.



Innovative Aluminium & Glass manufactures, supplies, and installs aluminium double glazed windows in a wide range of finishes and colors. The finishes available are almost indefinite.

They include anodized, décor, special coating, and powder-coated among others. You can choose a finish applied on the window frame alone, or on both the sash and frame.

As a result, you can have a window system specially adapted for use in either the exterior or interior of a building.

Standard color choices include:

  • Standard white
  • White sash/colored frame
  • Sash and frame in a similar color
  • Sash and frame in different colors

You can also request a specific color choice, style, and frame thickness. Contact Innovative Aluminium & Glass through 1800 679 661 for further consultation.