Double hung style of windows are beautiful and highly functional when installed in any residential property.

However, it’s important to ensure that they’re secure. You can enhance the security of your home by ensuring that the windows have high-quality locks.

Not all locks can work with double hung windows. Locks ideal for these windows are specially designed to keep the sashes closed. The locks make it possible to lock the window when partially open or when fully closed.

With a top-grade lock, you’ll feel safe knowing that your windows can’t be accessed easily by an intruder. Here are more details about locks for double hung window systems.

Types of Locks

The most popular types of locks available for use with double hung style of windows include:

  1. Swivel action locks

A swivel action lock is fitted on the upper railing of the lower sash. The lock works by swiveling it toward a certain direction to either unlock or lock it.

The lock comes with an automatic snib that locks itself in place once the window is closed. That way, the window can’t be opened unless the automatic snib is released.

  1. Keyed locks

A keyed lock is opened or locked with the help of a key. Keyed locks are typically fitted on the upper railing of the lower sash.

A bolt action lock is mounted on one side of a window frame and is operated by shooting the bolt inside the frame. It can be locked in preset open positions or in a closed position.

You can as well opt for a multipoint keyed lock that can lock a window in several preset positions. You can choose locks that can be opened with one key to make it easier to open and close all the windows.

  1. Lag screw lock system

A lag screw lock system is an affordable and simple lock system. It includes pre-drilled holes in both sashes and a matching number of inserting screws. The inserting screws come with recessed washers.

The screws are tightened or loosened with the help of a unique key. A lag screw locks a window in its closed position. Also, extra holes can be drilled to lock a window when partially open.

  1. A small strip of wood

This is the cheapest and simplest type of lock. In this lock mechanism, a small strip of wood is inserted into the window channel at one side. It works by preventing the sashes from sliding along the channel such that the window remains closed.


Considerations to Make When Choosing a Lock for Double Hung Window Systems

There are certain considerations you to make when choosing locks. One of the most important considerations is the ease of operating the lock.

It should be easy and quick to lock or unlock the window. That way, you’ll find it convenient to use the lock, especially in times of emergencies.

While keyed locks boast of being a secure option, ensure you can easily access the keys in short notice. Thus, keep the keys somewhere safe by easily accessible.

Another factor to consider is the functionality of the lock. Consider whether the lock is only lockable when the window is fully closed or you can lock then window while partially open for both security and ventilation.

Also, consider the price range of the lock. Generally, locks for double hung windows are affordable. However, you may have to spend a lot more if you want to install locks on several windows.


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