Most people assume that commercial windows are similar to residential windows and only slightly larger. However, they have several differences. Regardless of their differences, commercial windows can be installed in a residential property.

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commercial aluminium windows installed in a residential property in sydney


Here are the main differences between these two styles of windows and the benefits you’ll enjoy by installing commercial aluminium windows in your home.


Differences between Commercial and Residential Windows

By just looking at commercial and residential windows, you’ll notice that they look relatively similar. However, if you look at them closely and keenly, you’ll notice more significant differences between them. These differences include:

  1. Thermal Insulation

To start with, commercial windows feature a design that limits the penetration of natural solar heat into a property. The reason behind this design is that commercial properties generate a high amount of heat from the interior space, especially due to lighting, electrical outlets, computers, and crows.

As such, sunlight entering a commercial setting can result in numerous overheating issues. Thus, there’s need to counteract heat in a commercial environment.

Commercial windows come with special coatings and top-performance glazing to reduce the penetration of heat. On the contrary, residential properties rely on natural solar heat for interior heating. Residential settings don’t emit excessive heat from the interior space as they aren’t crowded.

  1. The Opening Size

Residential windows feature a design that allows them to be installed in small window openings that are typically found in homes. On the contrary, commercial properties feature wider window openings.

They’re the chunky, square, and bold windows you see in shopfronts, office buildings, and other commercial establishments.

  1. Sash and Frame Sizes

Commercial windows come with bulkier and wider frames than those on residential windows. Also, frames on commercial windows look more industrious than those on standard windows.

Additionally, commercial windows require a higher wind rating and often come with hardware of a higher quality than residential windows.


Why Install Commercial Windows In Your Home?

Some of the main reasons why you’d want to install commercial window systems in your home include:


The squarer and bulkier look of frames in commercial window systems makes them blend well in modern architectural designs.


These windows are designed to fit in large window openings such that they allow for more ventilation and natural light into the home.


Their larger framing allows for the installation of thicker glass in single, double, or triple glazing. Thicker glazing results in enhanced thermal performance.

Choosing between commercial and residential is more about your budget and personal preferences unless you might be having specific design requirements that you shouldn’t fail to meet.

Nevertheless, more homeowners are preferring the bolder and wider sash and frame designs that come with commercial window designs for installation in their domestic building projects.

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