Basement framing is not a not a walk in the park. It becomes even more difficult when you have to work around a host of obstacles such as plumbing pipes.

This article provides some ideas on how to properly and successfully finish framing walls with windows around basement around basement plumbing pipes.

framing walls around basement window

  1. Mark off the Area by Drawing a Straight Line

It is common sense to draw proper markings when doing basement framing so that you can get a rough idea of where the walls will go. Locate all the pipes and draw a straight line on the floor.

Your goal should be to reduce the unsightly nature of your basement; therefore, incorporate the pipes in the new wall by ensuring the line is further from the original wall.

When you have finished drawing the line, make use of the level to ensure that the plumbing pipe is straight. You can even install the pipes to ensure the pipes lean for a flawless flow. When you do this, you will need to adjust the framing accordingly.


  1. Shape the Obstacles

Every basement framing requires a path. Of course, you do not want the plumbing pipes to be a hindrance when you want to open the windows. You will need to use a square and draw markings that will show the shape of the obstacle.

Make sure you determine the actual depth of the framing, and connect the marks to create a path you will follow throughout the framing process.


  1. Make Use of Blocking

Basically, blocking is a frame that blocks an obstacle. Place yours on top of the pipe and attach a frame to it. Then, nail a top plate on it.

Before using blocking, make sure you measure the height from the floor to the top of the pipe correctly. Then, cut a matching 2X4 board and install a piece on each side of the plumbing pipe with 16-d sinkers.

After flanking the pipe along the wall, cut 2×4 boards that are equal to the length of the pipe and fix them on ceiling joists with 8-d sinkers.


  1. Do the Framing!

When installing basement framing, the length and height of the wall are the most important dimensions. The obstruction that extends the furthest determines how far the framing will extend.

Therefore, measure from the front of the windows to the wall at all times, and ensure you have the correct dimensions before framing.


  1. Never Frame Plumbing Pipes Behind the Wall

Never cover pipes, just because you think they are unsightly. If you frame them behind the walls, you will face a nightmare when you try to gain access in case a plumbing problem occurs.


  1. Attach the Framing Firmly

Nail the frame to the blocking and then put it against the wall. You do not want a frame that you will build today and rebuild it a few days later unless you have time and bucks to waste. Ensuring that the framing is sturdy and functional should be at the helm of your priority list.

With these ideas, framing walls with windows around basement plumbing pipes – a task that has been perceived to be highly challenging will be transformed into the easiest DIY job you have ever done. If you are looking for more information about windows and doors installation, visit here.