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How to Install Sliding Window Air Conditioners

These conditioners are popular in small apartments. They consume less electricity than other units used in cooling a room. They are most suitable for creating a cool environment in smaller areas such as apartments comprising of two or just one room.


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They offer you the freedom of choosing to install a unit in each room such that each room will have its own conditioner. This makes it possible for the people occupying the specific room to regulate temperature levels as they like.

Most people tend to believe that installing these conditioners require professional expertise. However, it is easier than what people think, more so with respects to the sliding ones. You can easily install them without professional expertise. All you need are the right tools and following this guide.



Air conditioners for sliding windows are relatively bulky. Hence, ensure to lift them carefully and firmly, but without exerting pressure on the cooling components as it can lead to injury. The tools and materials you will require during installation include:

  • A level
  • Some wood screws
  • A screwdriver
  • Weather stripping
  • Support arc


Step 1: Preparing the Window

Ensure you select the window that has a nearby electric socket. This will assist in connecting the conditioner easily and properly. Ensure you remove any obstacles such as furniture that are too close to the window as they might interfere with air flow.


Step 2: Installing the Brackets

You can now start with installing metal brackets that will support the unit at the specific level you want to set it. You should nail the brackets properly at the central point.


Step 3: Raise the Conditioner

Raise the unit gently and carefully. Slide it carefully in the metal brackets you already installed.


Step 4: Attaching the Weather Strip

Simply mark the point at which the conditioner hits your window. Once you mark this point, raise your window and then attach the weather strip along the entire line properly. If need be, simply attach any extensions or cords on the wall along the side using some wood screws.

Attaching the cords on the wall will ensure they do not hang over and pose risks of damage. Attaching them on the wall will also make the entire setup look organized.


Step 5: Performing Application Blocking

You should carry out application blocking up to the point at which the unit touches the window. This is essential to ensure there is proper sealing to prevent cool air from finding an escape route.

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