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How to Make Your French Doors More Secure?

French doors add a special charm to the homes as they are very stylish, elegant and timeless. But, often people hesitate to install these doors at their homes because burglars also love these doors. There is a slight vulnerability in these doors.

The divide between the two doors is often a problem as it’s vulnerable to attacks. Some people also think that installing a glass French door is a risk for their home security as the glass is often easily breakable.



If you are also in a similar situation then you must know a few tricks that will help you to install these French doors to your home without feeling at risk ever.

#1 Lock Them Up: French doors always come with an easy to operate mechanism so you can lock or unlock them in a jiffy. If you make it a habit of closing the French doors, you will reduce the chances of a security incident.

Many people make the mistake of keeping the doors open when they are busy in housework and can’t see the doorway. Do not make the same mistake. Learn to lock them when you are away.


#2 Add a Lock: This is also a simple thing to do that will make you feel secure. Just buy a deadbolt that fits perfectly with the door and install it properly. It is very hard to break a deadbolt which will assure you that you are always safe. Make sure the deadbolt is at least 1 inch long to get better security.

If you don’t want to install a deadbolt, you can also opt for other options like a mortise door that is always embedded in the door. You can also opt for installing a three point locking mechanism that secures the door not only from top to bottom. Another option is the double-cylinder vertical deadbolt that will lock the two doors.


#3 Home Security: Whether you have a vulnerable French door or not, installing a home security system is always recommended. Opt for a security system in which there are some sensors that can detect movement.

These motion sensors would keep off the robbers even when you are away. It would also be great if you could opt for a security system that has a night vision feature that will allow you to see what’s happening in your home even at night.


#4 Quality Rules:

Finally, you cannot make a weak and poor quality door with a security system or a lock. So, it is vital you invest in a high quality door. The material used in creating the door, be it aluminium or the glass should be of top quality.

The glass must be unbreakable and must offer protection against bushfire by following standards like BAL 40, bushfire rating. The frame of the doors should have steel or aluminium used in it as that has very good strength.


If you follow all the above-mentioned steps you will have access to stunningly beautiful French doors that can make your homes’ interior look great and make you feel secure too.

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