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Maximising Your Space with Office Dividers

Some work environments are conducive to an open plan layout. In some cases, it makes more practical sense to use office dividers to partition a large area.

The advantages of doing so are that workers with more privacy within the office area are often more efficient which has positive implications for improved productivity.

The decision to use an office divider system can be made on the basis of two main options: either glass panels or solid screens. By using solid panels, a workspace can be divided into separate offices.


glass office meeting rooms


On the other hand, a glass office divider will define the work area while keeping the atmosphere of an open plan office.

Innovative Aluminium & Glass produces a variety of office dividers in solid and glass partitions. These are produced and provided in the context of excellent customer service. The office dividers are mobile and can be located in different places.

This is very positive in ergonomic terms and is a very flexible option. It is possible to change your mind and redesign the layout if it is not to your satisfaction.



An online quote is available immediately if the measurement of the work in linear meters is provided. This quotation is only a guideline and will need to be followed up by a visit to your workplace from one of the surveyors from our company.

Following this, there will then be a full consultation when it will be imperative to consider your needs, assess drawings or plans and finally choose the placement and design of the office divider. On completion of this process, a competitive and exact quotation for the job will be given.

The materials which are manufactured in Australia are assured to be of the best quality. The team includes engineers and architects who liaise with the surveyor to achieve the optimum results in full compliance with all industry standards including building regulations.

The average time to complete an order ranges from one to three weeks. The demountable office dividers can be installed quickly and simply. Each of the modules is interchangeable. There is a good selection of colours and veneers conducive to blending in with the interior decor of any office space.

After we completed our partitioning project at Absolute Summit SEO, compression clips were used to secure modules and doors. This ensures that services can be used either horizontally or vertically in the cavity. There are also blinds in many different finishes which can be seamlessly incorporated into the overall design as well.

The levels of acoustic absorption that can be achieved with these office divider systems comply with a very high standard in the industry. There is an option to include up to one hour of fire resistance in them if necessary.


The following is a summary of what needs to be taken into account when considering glass panels or solid panels.

Glass Panels

  • Exposure to natural light
  • More open surroundings
  • Allows visual interaction between employees
  • Lighting and logos can be fitted in various colours


Solid Panels

  • More private space for employees
  • Work environment is distraction free
  • Charts, maps, etc can be displayed on them


Regardless of the type of office divider selected, you can be certain that those fitted by Innovative Aluminium & Glass will vastly improve the workspace and should have positive implications for both productivity and worker experience.

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