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Portable Glass Office Partitions

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When you need products that will help you make the most of the space you have in your office, we should be the first company that you call as we are Australia’s leading supplier of these products.

The products that we offer can be used in a temporary or semi-permanent way to meet the needs of your business. They are portable, very flexible and can be used in a number of different configurations. This is one of the reasons that they are so popular.

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There are several different areas that the products can be used to create such as consultation booths, break areas, meeting rooms, training rooms, and waiting rooms.

We work with companies in a wide range of different industries such as hospitality, education, health and community groups.

You are able to view our full range of products on our website. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please do not hesitate to give us a call. We will be able to make suggestions for an alternative based on our considerable experience and we are also on hand to answer any other questions that you may have.


Rise In Popularity Of Eco-Friendly Office Partitions

Companies in all different types of industries are trying to do their bit for their environment by making products that are environmentally friendly.

The office partition industry is also embracing this trend. Customers that purchase the dividers are also looking for products that are good for the environment.

One of the main ways that manufacturers are looking to make their products greener is by using glass and metal that has been recycled.

recycled glass office partitions

These materials will stand up to the normal levels of wear and tear that you can expect and require very little maintenance. They will be able to be used for a long period of time and when the time does come to replace them, they can be recycled.

Glass dividers are a very good choice for environmentally friendly partitions. Not only can they be made from recycled materials, they are also very energy efficient. There are also more practical benefits to choosing a glass divider.

They can be designed to have sliding doors so that you are able to make the most of the space that you have. If privacy is a concern then you can choose to have a textured or frosted finish. Glass panels are also very stylish and bring a very modern look to your office.

It can be very reassuring for businesses to know that the office screens they have chosen will not have a huge impact on the environment. This can also be very motivating for employees.

You may find that your employees become even more productive when the dividers are in place because they will not be affected by noise and other distractions that are coming from outside of their partition.


Using Glass Partitions For Soundproofing

Many business owners wish that their offices could be a tranquil place where everyone is able to concentrate on their work.

However, the real world is actually nothing like this. There will also be people walking about in the course of their work and the general level of chat in the office can be distracting for some.

soundproof glass office partitions

If you have ever worked in an open office, then you can probably remember several occasions where you have had to raise your own voice when you are talking on the phone or to a colleague in order to make yourself heard over the background noise.

Unfortunately, this increases the volume of the background noise and soon it will get to a level where everyone finds it difficult to concentrate.

This is one of the main reasons why soundproofing panels can be such a welcome addition to an office. Staff will be able to concentrate on their own work without any distractions from the rest of the office.

Using glass screens is an excellent choice if you want to have a quieter office. Glass has natural soundproofing qualities so there will be no need to add anything else to the partition.

Glass partitions also allow everyone to still be able to see what is going on so they feel less isolated from their colleagues.

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