Sliding glass doors can serve the purpose of bedroom doorway barriers while at the same time providing some elegant look and beautiful décor. In today’s world, sliding doors come in a wide variety of designs and styles. Furthermore, you can still customize these doors to suit your home needs and decorations.


The following are the top styles of bedroom sliding doors:


Typically these doors are meant to pivot on hinges, although they have been improved and modified to slide. As such, they will offer you with a space saving feature while at the same time giving you a look of a French door.


Mirror Bypass

They are sliding doors that have been positioned at different depths such that they slide over one another. They are not only attractive but also great space savers. Their chief merits are space saving and elegance looks.


Mirror Bifold Door

They are the most pretty bedroom sliding doors that are hinged in four different places – each being a foldable region. They are quite popular in coatroom closet doors. Furthermore, these doors are functional and stylish. Their main demerit is the fact that they resemble high school lockers.


Markerdoor Closet

These doors encompass a bifold door that has been covered in Marker-Board so as to offer an amusement and creative encouragement of your kids’ imaginations. They are playful and clean – perfect for children. Children love writing on the walls, making these door perfect for their appeal!


Wall Slide

They resemble the traditional paper – Asian Style – bedroom sliding doors; but with just a single panel. The panel is exposed and tracked to the exterior of the room. Wall slide door is mechanized to extend well beyond its opening such that when sliding the door back, it hangs on its frame just like a huge piece of oriental art. Its style is quite refreshing.



It just resembles the mirror bypass doors, although with the reflective bits excluded.


Sliding Glass Doors

These doors are generally used as separators amidst an interior room. This feature makes them perfect for bedroom doors. They can also serve the purpose of kitchen and porch doorways.



Just like the Mirror Bifold, Arcadia is popular sliding door styles. They feature a bypass door made out of glass. Technically, there might be some few differences, but the logic of their working mechanism is still the same. When they open to the outside, they are referred to as patio door.



Pocket Sliding Doors are mostly used for rooms with limited spaces where hinged doors can’t fit. For smaller bedroom spaces, the pocket doors will serve the purpose. They work by sliding into the interior of the wall.


Shuttered or Louvered Doors

These doors are commonly suitable for pantries, utility rooms, and storage closets. They can also serve the purpose of bedroom doorway barriers. With some simple customization, these doors can be improved in style and color theme.

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