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Sliding Doors in Sydney

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Add an extra dimension to your living area by installing Innovative AG’s aluminium sliding patio door. These doors are highly preferred by property owners as these are suitable for every room, no matter its size and shape.

You can use these doors to open up thoroughfares from the inside as well as outside. These doors also allow you to take the advantage of fresh air and natural light.

These amazing sliding doors have just a single fixed glass panel and a moving glass panel. It allows the door to slide left to right for opening and closing the door. The doors have no protruding elements which ensure their installation in courtyards, small rooms and even balcony areas.

The design of our aluminium sliding patio doors is such that they are highly compatible with security screens and fly screens. You can leave these doors open without worrying about insects or the security of your loved ones.

One can also install two or three of these doors in a space to make it look great. The doors are very suitable for varied designs and applications. The size, colour and configuration options of these doors are nearly endless.

These Innovative AG aluminium sliding doors in Sydney can transform your home by using the right combination of materials, designs and technology. They also promote a secure, safe and easy living for you.

Our sliding doors are also very durable and can bear all weather conditions. They will glide smoothly and silently for many years due to an adjustable nylon roller system.

They also come with a fully interlocked system that is between the door panels and delivers better security and weather protection.

Key Characteristics

  • Interlockers boost door strength
  • Keyed lock to enhance security
  • Entirely weather sealed around frame perimeter
  • Heavy duty nylon rollers with large diameter for easy operation
  • Wide range of configurations available

Wide Selection

  • Numerous glazing options such as Innovative AG glass options
  • Choose colour matched safety screen doors and fly screens
  • Heavy sash applications are done with dual bogey wheel units
  • Abundant glazing bar designs including plain glass
  • Huge colour options

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