Bifold doors have become more popular in Sydney over the last decade. The traditional conservatory and patio doors have always been designed with single panes, just like the French doors. French doors have two openers that open the door to get a full opening.

These doors also prove to be more functional in that they can be designed with a retractable system that can be as wide as 10 meters. This has contributed to the rise in the number of dealers in Sydney that manufacture these doors. Although this is a good trend, it has also come with its own share of bad points.


picture of aluminium bifolding door


For instance, the extreme competition between the dealers makes if more challenging for consumers to determine the best dealer. This question is often answered depending on your specifications of the door.

For instance, you should ask yourself whether you would opt for a thumb turn or a regular handle, and whether you want longer warranties, or even the thinnest door frames. However, there are no right answers to such questions. The best thing to do would be contacting multiple companies and compare the services and products they offer.


Benefits of Bifold Patio Doors

  • They are available in many colors
  • The door panels are fully retractable
  • They enhance the value of a home
  • They are almost maintenance free
  • They add space to the home


The Types and Differences between These Doors

It is crucial to know the key differences between the different kinds of these doors. The main types of these doors are UPVC, wood, frameless glass, and aluminium sliding doors. The frameless glass doors are a newer type of these doors, with wood being more traditional.

The most popular ones are the UPVC type. The sales of UPVC doors were the largest around a decade ago. However, aluminium doors have now taken over the sales and their benefits have increased, making them the better choice for many.


bifold doors installation costs in sydney


The UPVC ones are made of vinyl, which has lower strength, making it have more problems than aluminium. For instance, UPVC ones tend to contract a lot when temperature changes, making them less functional. They also look cheap and have a limited choice of colors. The width and height limits of UPVC also make them less popular.

However, the key benefit of UPVC systems is their price since they are the most affordable type. However, if you really want to enhance the value of your home, you would not go cheap. You would do the exact opposite by going for higher quality.

With respect to wooden doors, their price tag is relatively similar to that of aluminium ones. However, wood have issues of contraction during the colder seasons. For these reasons, most architects, interior designers, and building contractors prefer going for aluminium bifolding doors.

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In case you can spend some extra money on your doors, then you should not opt for the less costly alternatives such as UPVC since it will mean going for lower quality.


New and Innovative Patio Door Systems

Frameless glass doors are increasing becoming more popular for patios. They are available in either single or double glazing.

They allow a homeowner to have a frameless system that is fully retractable and has the bifolding functionality. You can easily get more information about these doors by browsing through our website. Also read our guide on price for aluminium bifold doors.