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How to Introduce Colour to a Home by Using Bifold Doors

Colour is a crucial element of visual perception. There is actually an area of research known as Colour Theory that studies the potential that colour has and the impact it has on human beings. Colours offer crucial information about other people, things, and our surroundings. The observation of our surroundings is most relevant to designers and artists.


bifold doors black colour


Some colours have certain meanings in specific regions or even globally. For instance, traffic lights rely on colours, whereby red means stop and green shows that you can proceed. Colours are also relevant to cultures as they may specify some cultural identities.

Colours may also show emotional experience of an individual. Although the meaning behind different colours changes with time, location, and individuals, they’ll always remain significant to our daily lives and most important to interior designers.

Before being carried away with the effects that different colours produce on our surroundings, it is important to analyze a key element that colour has huge impact on and this is the interior of a home. In this regard, it is important to assess how you can introduce colour using bifolding doors.


Why These Doors?

These doors are increasingly becoming more popular. They are functional and can be found in both residential and commercial buildings everywhere. You may already have these doors in your office or home. Hence, why not turn them into colourful elements of your home while still being functional.

There are many types of these doors in the market, and the type you go for will play a key role in determining the available colour options.


aluminium bifolding doors colour options


Just like with other decorative decisions, you should ensure that the style you go for matches with the colour you want such that the décor of a room will be enhanced positively. These doors are readily available as aluminium, UPVC, and wooden panels. Each of these types has its ideal colour options.

The UPVC ones are most limited in terms of colour options when compared to the other options. This is because UPVC comes with a colour itself and it is not easy to change the colour once the door has been manufactured. If you like experimenting with colours by changing them often, then UPVC ones will not be the ideal doors for you.

However, UPVC doors offer great options for faux wood, off-white, and white tones. These doors come with the benefit of being easy to maintain and they don’t require repainting.

You can easily achieve a warmer ambience with wooden bifolding doors. Just like other wood products, wooden doors come with a wide range of colour options. Unlike UPVC, you can always apply a new colour on wood after the door is built.

Wood is also a great surface for applying paint, and it has elegant and classical appearance when stained lightly with a faint colour and it will still maintain the natural texture of wood grain. You can easily repaint the wooden types even after installation. You will only need to sand the frames and repaint them with a new colour.

Aluminium doors also come with many opportunities with respect to trying out different colours. They come with a metallic look which offers a striking appearance in modern interiors. These doors are easy to paint with power-coated colours to get a more vibrant surface.

This offers a stylish and contemporary look while still being functionality. Aluminium has a smooth surface that can be sprayed with any colour. It is also easy to maintain aluminium doors and they are long lasting.

Finally but not least, these doors are the perfect element of a home to introduce colours since they may be fitted in a manner that offers two different door surfaces that you can work on. Such a style is known as clad style whereby one side is made of aluminium, usually the outdoor side, and the inner side features wood.

Hence, such a door can have two colours such that you can easily modify the interior to reflect colours you desire in your interior décor.

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