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Can I Take Demountable Office Partitions With Me When I Move Office?

Demountable office partitions have become highly popular today because of the following reasons:

moving demountable partitions

They are Flexible

With demountable office partitions, your office will grow depending on your current needs. You do not have to demolish a certain space so that you can extend it, as it is the case with traditional stud partitioning. Also, if you want a certain space for a particular length of time, then demountable office partitions is the way to go.


Speed of Build

You do not have to wait for days to have your office ready. With demountable office partitions, you can occupy your space and start business in on or two days, depending on the size of the office and the intensity of the job.


Minimal Disruptions

Partitions don’t require a lot of work during installation. When you find a builder with the right skills and equipment, they can be installed without disrupting any activities in your business premises.



The flexibility that comes with these office partitions makes them highly affordable.


Comes with lots of Options

If you have a certain organizational colour for your business, you can select office partitions that match it; hence instilling a positive perception towards your business in the minds of your stakeholders.


Despite the benefits that come with this type of office partitioning, one question crosses the minds of many business owners; can I take the these partitions with me when I move office?

The answer to this question is straightforward – yes you can!

With the level of flexibility and ease of installation that comes with demountable office partitions, moving them is not difficult.

If you lease a new space, or you decide to move your business to a new location, you can carry them with you and save a significant amount of money while complying with the necessary building regulations in your locality.

However, you do not just remove these partitions and pack them on the truck ready to move. You need to do everything right, if all you want is for them to reach their intended destination. Below are some tips that will help you make informed decisions;


Have a Budget

Moving demountable office partitions is something that you cannot do by yourself. Make sure you have a budget that will take care of the builder who will dismount the partitions, and that will ensure the moving process is smooth and convenient.


Hire a Professional Builder

Although removing these elements is an easy job, you want to avoid replacing a single piece when you get to your new premises.

Therefore, it is more cost-effective to work with a professional builder to remove them for you. What’s more, these experts have insurances, and you will be fully compensated if something happens to them.


Work with a Professional Mover

Finally, make sure you engage an experienced and reputable moving company to move these fragile items to your new premises. Professional movers have the technology and knowledge necessary to make your moving hassle free and enjoyable, and ensure you have functional partitions in your new office space.

If you are renting out your current office space, or you just want to move, don’t leave your demountable office partitions behind, thinking that they will be of no help to you, or moving them will be an overwhelming ordeal. Do everything right, and you will enjoy the benefits that come with these elements wherever you go.

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