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How to Choose Wooden Bifold Doors

Nowadays, the main focus of most homeowners when renovating or constructing a home is saving space. There are many solutions to save space in a home.

Adding bifold doors has emerged as a practical way of saving maximum space in a home. Basically, these doors fold on each other rather than swinging outwards into a room.


beautiful seafacing bifolding doors in Sydney


Wood is one of the most popular materials that are used in making these doors. Here are the tips you should follow when choosing wooden bifolding doors for the best results.

In case this is your first time to research about these doors and buying them, you will be amazed when you find out that there are more materials that are used in making these doors.

Although PVC and aluminium doors have been the most popular choices for many years due to their maintenance and strength benefits, wooden ones have not been left behind.

They are also a key player when it comes to the bifold style of doors.


Tip 1

There are many types of wood that are available to build these types of doors. You should consider the type of wood that will be most suitable for your needs and home.

For instance, ensure that you choose the type of wood that will easily blend with the décor that exists in your home. Also choose the type with the best grain and color.


Tip 2

Another crucial factor to consider is the number and size of the panels that make up the door. In case you are constructing a new home, start with finding out the door’s size and then proceed to construct the door opening accordingly.

In case you are renovating your home, then you will have to find a panel that will fit in the existing door opening, hence take the measurements of the current opening before buying a replacement door.


internal bifold doors design


Tip 3

There are many configuration options that are available with bifold doors. These configurations determine the way in which the door panels will be opened and folded.

You may not always have an option with the type of configuration for the door since this is mostly determined by the room arrangement and space requirements.


Tip 4

In case you want the door to come with glass, be careful on the way glazing is done. There are many glazing options that are available in the market, and you can always find an option that is most ideal for your home.

Consider factors such as thermal insulation, privacy, appearance, and strength when selecting a glazing option.

If you are always impressed by the look that wood offers, but you are not sure how the wooden bifolding doors will function in the rooms of your home, you’ll be amazed to know that these doors work in virtually any space.

They are ideal for joining the outdoor and indoor entertainment areas, hiding the clutter and mess of the children’s wardrobes, and blocking the laundry area when guests visit among other uses.

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