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Design Ideas For Office Partitions

Organizations are now maximizing the available office space to hold more employees through office partitioning. Office partitions divide a room to deliver a balance between open space and private space.

Office partitioning assists employers to offer their employees with a good working environment. There are many design ideas available for partitioning an office. Here are some of the best design ideas to choose from when partitioning your office.


clean minimal partitions


The “Wannabetree” Design

The “Wannabetree” office partitioning design features an acoustic office screen with wall panels and is available for both wall panel and office screen. The shapes in this design are unique and can be positioned side by side. They interlink together to give an interesting and colorful partitioning design.

The screens are basically supported by a base foot that makes it possible to be repositioned any time as required. This partitioning design is most suitable in office areas where visually appealing colors and shapes are required.


An Inflatable Office Partition Design

An inflatable office partition is a sliding office partition design that offers a freestanding screen that can be inflated. Its concept of featuring a sliding design means that it can be moved around as needed to delineate office areas while offering an interesting look anywhere around the office space.

One of the key advantages of this design is that the inflated slides can be used for lounging or relaxing. Openings on this design allow for integration of shelves.



An Eco-Friendly Design

An eco-friendly office partition design offers an exclusive area to place some plants while at the same time acting as a partitioner between office spaces. The key objective of this design idea is to create a pleasant working environment that gives workers a chance to feel a sense of nature as they perform their tasks.

As the desires for innovative and creative work grow, the office environment also changes into a space that may support the growing need. Hence, an eco-friendly design concept gives an office an eco-friendly working environment.


A Frameless Glass Design

A full-length and frameless glazed divider offers an office with a spacious feel to allow for maximum lighting across the partitions. Frameless glass office partitions are stylish and attractive and can be either single or double glazed. A single glazed design is recommendable where an aesthetically pleasing look and clean lines are essential.

Minimal framework is required in this partitioning design to offer a frameless look. Patch fittings and floor pivots are fitted to the framed or frameless glass doors to maintain an open office environment.

Manifestation films are applied on fully glazed panes to comply with regulations on buildings, or where desired.  This ensures that their presence is highlighted. Individual designs or corporate logos can be used to highlight the panels.

These office partitioning ideas can be great options to choose from and to ensure that your office space is maximized. Hence, operational costs are reduced. These are just but a few design ideas for office partitions to improve the ambience and productivity of an office.

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