An aluminium bifold door comprises of two panels connected with two or more hinges to form a single bifold door. If a door opening is wide enough, two bifold doors can be installed in the space.

However, if the opening isn’t wide, a single bifold door is sufficient. Some bifold doors come with more than two panels. Regardless of the number of panels, if the door is opening itself after closing it, then it requires some adjustment.

aluminium glass bifolding doors for your home


You may require some tools to make adjustments to the top or bottom brackets. In some cases, tools won’t be required. Follow the steps below to adjust your bifold door.


Step #1

First, slide the door open. Next, locate the snugger. The snugger is typically located within the track at the section where a bifold door stops when fully open.

It’s made of plastic and has a metallic spring within it. In case the door is pushing the snugger spring too tightly, the door will open itself after closing it.


Step #2

Push the snugger further in toward the side of the door casing. Basically, the door casing is a trim fitted around the frame. If your bifold door has four panels, make adjustments to the spring to make it centered in the snugger.


Step #3

In case the door has four panels, push the snugger by sliding it along the track until it’s evenly centered between the panels. If the door has two panels, push the snugger a little closer to the casing on the side.


Step #4

You can now close the door and check whether it’ll pop open. In case it does, lift the door from the bottom by pushing it until the lower pin comes off the lower bracket. Next, lower the bifold door from the top track to detach it.


Step #5

Check for a screw fitted in the upper bracket and loosen it with a Philips head screwdriver. Slide the loosened bracket toward the side of the casing. Tighten the bracket screw.

In case the bracket at the bottom is adjustable but lacks a slot to slide in the pin, check for a bolt and loosen it with the help of an adjustable spanner or wrench. Next, push the bracket toward the side door casing. Tighten the bracket bolt.


Step #6

Hold the door firmly and push it upward into the upper door frame to make the upper pin fit into the upper bracket. Also, ensure the roller slides into the track.

Next, lift the door above the lower bracket. Then lower it to fit the lower pin into the bracket at the bottom. If you have two sets of doors, repeat this step for both doors to fix the problem.


Step #7

Open and close the bifold door to check whether it has stopped popping open after closing it. If necessary, adjust the bottom and top brackets again.


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