Today, there’s a growing trend involving DIY door replacement among most homeowners, especially when replacing sliding doors with aluminium bifold doors in Sydney. While sliding doors come with numerous advantages, bifold doors are even better.

If you prefer doing the replacement yourself or hiring the services of a professional door installer, here’s everything you should know about the installation of bifold doors in the closet or patio.

black framed aluminium and glass bifolding doors in patio


Why Should You Install Bifold Doors?

Sliding glass doors are commonly used in the patio since they offer clear views of the outdoor space. However, bifold doors connect the outdoor space with the indoor space better than sliding doors.

Installing a standard bifold glass door in your patio will allow for more ventilation and create a seamless connection between your home and the patio.

Also, you can install bifold doors along the wall to allow for unrestricted access to outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas.

Although sliding doors offer access to either side of a closet, you can’t access both sides at the same time. Hinged doors, on the other hand, open on one specific side but take significant space in the room.

If your closet has a very wide opening, hinged doors wouldn’t be the best choice. Bifold doors offer the best solution to these challenges. They allow you to access the closet without taking a lot of space in the room when fully opened.


DIY Bifold Door Installation

One of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of bifold doors is that they come with modern hardware that makes it trouble-free and easy to install them.

Today, bifold doors slide along a track system rather than being hinged on the wall. These systems come with multiple advantages including:

  • Traditional bifold doors were made to be lightweight since their entire weight was held by hinges fitted in the wall. On the contrary, modern bifold doors have their weight held on the track system from the top and the bottom.
  • Hinged bifold doors must be hung precisely to ensure that they don’t drag along the floor or sag. Bifold doors fitted in a track system are adjustable and don’t require as much precision as hinged doors during installation.
  • Today’s bifold doors come with easy to use hardware and an installation guide.

While each bifold door system may come with unique instructions, there are certain common things including:

  • The hinges should be positioned precisely to ensure the doors are installed parallel.
  • The top track should be installed perpendicular to either side of the closet and parallel to the floor.
  • Each pivot plate should be positioned precisely according to the given instructions. Pivot plates are hardware used to attach the door onto the floor brackets and the top track.
  • The bottom brackets should be positioned precisely. The instructions that come with the hardware will indicate where to mount them. You may require a plummet when positioning the brackets.

If you stick to the provided instructions, and ensure everything is plumb and square, you’ll have installed the doors perfectly. While most bifold doors allow for small adjustments, poor workmanship won’t be compensated by the adjustments.

Different types of closet bifold doors may have unique installation challenges. For instance, PVC doors boast of being lightweight and don’t require painting. However, you can trim PVC doors to size.

Thus, you need to take accurate measurements before making an order. That way, you’ll get an accurate size for the door opening. Also, the frame should be installed perfectly.

Patio doors with double glazing are quite heavy. Thus, it’s more challenging to install them. Also, if you want to install two bifold doors, it’s advisable to leave the work to the experts since any errors in measurements will affect the opening and closing of the doors.

Simply get free estimates from professional door installers to ensure the installation is done perfectly.

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