Anyone who has a lot of interest in doors will tell you that French doors are one of the best door options to choose. They are classy and add elegance to virtually any design of a home. They are more like pieces of art. Even the moderately priced and modest homes gain significantly in terms of value by simply using these artfully crafted doors.


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These doors incorporate glass panels. The frames can be made using different types of materials. The most common ones are made of wood. However, commercial doors of this type are often made of steel or aluminium to offer more strength and security. The frames of the doors that are meant for residential purposes are usually wooden frames.

Glazing in these doors is often done using a single glass panel. However, multiple panels of glass may also be used in these doors to enhance their strength and insulation capabilities. The doors used for exteriors are usually made of double panels to keep weather out.

For instance, they keep heat inside during colder weather and keep heat outside during hot weather. Decorative grilles may also be added between the double panes to enhance the security of these doors. The interior ones are often single paned.

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Most people tend to confuse these doors with double doors. Although they are usually installed like double doors, they’re also installed as single doors. Most single doors of this type are used as interior doors whereas the double ones are used as exterior doors.

Glass panels in these doors may be opaque or transparent. Since glass can never be 100 percent opaque, it is often rated in terms of transparency with ratings of 1 to 5, with 5 being most opaque while 1 is most transparent. The exterior ones are usually made with more opaqueness for privacy and security reasons.

In some instances, both opaque and transparent glass types are used as interior doors in instances where privacy is not a big issue. Glass in these doors may also have different design elements. For instance, the glass panels may be textured, etched, or beveled in some style, or left smooth.

Most homeowners tend to go for these doors due to their aesthetic nature. For instance, they add beauty and elegance to both small and large homes. Naturally, using glass in a door will allow for maximum sunlight to enter into the room even if the door is closed.

This reduces the overall consumption of electricity since natural light brightness a room in a unique manner that light bulbs can never achieve.

Although they are mostly chosen for the elegance and beauty they add, these doors also boast of being a great choice due to their functionality. For instance, you can simple add custom security features to these doors.

You can also add customized door accessories such as handles to match with the existing exterior and interior style and décor. Once installed, these doors last for many years while adding unmatched visual appeal in any home.

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