Although you can install the knob on any part of an aluminium bifold door, it’s recommended to place it properly for the best functionality.

The best placement should be the horizontal midpoint of a door, which is 36” from the bottom. In case the door has several panels, position the knob at the vertical midpoint of the center panel.

Positioning it this way will reduce the amount of force required to open or close your bifold door.

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Other Placements

The knob installed on conventional doors comes with a latch. On the contrary, the knob installed on bifold doors doesn’t have a latch.

Thus, the main factors considered when placing the knob are ergonomics and aesthetics. You can consider aesthetically pleasing knob placements such as:

  • The fore edge area of the foremost bifold door- In this position, the knob will be further away from the door’s pivot point, thereby creating some leverage when opening the door. This position will make it extremely easy to close the door.
  • The hinged edge area of the foremost door- In this position, you’ll find it easier to slide the door open but more challenging to close it.
  • The hinged edge area of the rearmost door- You’ll find it easy to slide the door open, but closing it will strain the pivot pin and probably damage it.
  • The middle of the rearmost door- In this case, it’s more challenging to close and open the door.

These knob placements aren’t great ergonomic choices. Placing the knob in the middle area of the foremost door would be a better location. Also, placing the knob at the hinged edge area of the foremost door would be another ideal location.


Taking Measurements for the Door Knob

The knob is generally installed last when installing a bifold door. Before installing the knob, the door is first hung in place and adjusted to ensure that it’s operating smoothly. Here’s how to get measurements for the location of a standard knob:

  1. Smooth-Faced Bifold Door

    • Measure 36” from the bottom. Use a pencil to mark this measurement on the fore edge area of the foremost door.
    • Measure the door width.
    • Get a level and place it over the face of the door panel. Ensure one of its ends is aligned along the marking you made in the first step. Center the level bubble. Get the half measurement of the panel’s width along the edge. Mark this position for knob installation.
  1. Paneled Door

    • Get a straightedge and extend it from one of the top corners of the center panel and diagonal to the opposite corner.
    • Measure the exact distance between the points. Mark the middle section with a light line. The line should be at most ½” in length.
    • Position the straightedge on the opposite diagonal corners. Mark another line to intersect with the line in the previous step above. That way, you’ll make an “X” marking. The “X” marking is the installation position for the knob.


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