Louvre windows made of aluminium are a great solution for enhancing the energy efficiency of any home. Renowned craftsmen and architects acknowledge the benefits that come with louvre windows.

Thus, they advocate for their installation based on several good reasons. Among their benefits, these windows have a high energy efficiency rating.

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Their energy efficiency makes them look like a modern invention. However, they’ve been around for several decades.

During the medieval period, louvres were used for ventilation purposes in large kitchens. Most homes in the medieval period had large kitchens and louvres were a great option for adding ventilation.

The louvres were typically made of wood or clay. They comprised of a wooden or clay box sitting on a shaft within the kitchen ceiling.

The windows had several wooden slats. The slats worked by allowing steam and heat generated from baking and cooking to rise upward and escape while keeping snow and rain out. Several wooden slats were fitted in the box.

Thus, the louvres worked as a ventilation and cooling mechanism. Over the years, louvre windows have gained more popularity and are now used for a wide range of applications.


Benefits of Installing Louvre Windows

There are several misconceptions related to louvre windows. Some of the most common misconceptions about them include:

  • It’s hard to clean louvres.
  • You can’t install fly screens alongside louvres.
  • Louvre windows are only ideal for installation in commercial buildings such as offices and hotels.

On the contrary, louvre window systems are a great choice for use in homes. In fact, there are several residential properties that have these windows both in the interior and exterior space.

For instance, it’s common to find them on porches since they offer privacy and allow for ventilation and natural light.

Today, louvres are typically made of glass slats. You can also choose louvres made of wood or aluminium. Besides their enhanced ventilation, louvres are great in limiting glare. You can choose louvres made of a special type of glass to limit glare and deflect light.

Although some people assume that cleaning louvres is difficult, on the contrary, it’s quite easy to clean and maintain them. The design behind modern louvre windows makes it possible to clean and maintain them from within a room.

Thus, you won’t have to climb up the ladder to clean or maintain them, especially when dealing with windows installed on higher floors.

Also, some people assume that screens can’t be installed in louvre window systems. However, it’s possible to install screens. You can easily fit security screens and fly screens in the windows.

Moreover, the design behind these windows makes them an excellent choice for use in tropical climates. However, they’re not suitable for use in colder areas because they’re not tightly sealed.

If you’re planning to install louvre windows in your home, consider where they’ll be located. They’re commonly installed in rooms connecting the indoors with the outdoors, porches, or the sunroom.

However, you can install them anywhere else you want to add ventilation. Regardless of where you want to install them, it’s recommended to choose bushfire rated windows and doors.

Other benefits of louvre window systems include:

  • The windows open wider than regular windows. Thus, they allow for more ventilation.
  • Installing louvres higher on the wall will allow warm air to escape while installing louvers lower on the wall will allow cool air to enter into the room.
  • You can adjust the blades to control the airflow depending on your needs. For instance, you can direct cool air toward the ceiling by angling the blades upward, thereby creating a cooling effect.

By installing top quality louvre window systems in your home, you’ll increase its value, make it look more stylish, and increase energy efficiency. Also, there are several styles of louvres to choose from.

Considering their numerous benefits, you can rest assured that you won’t go wrong with louvre windows. Besides, they’ll enhance the security and comfort of your home.


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