If you are planning to install aluminium windows and doors in your property, avoid relying on the contractor’s website or flyers when choosing an ideal contractor.

It is advisable to take time to assess and interview any potential contractor. Some well-selected questions can assist you in separating professionals from quacks masquerading as the best contractors in this construction world.


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The most practical and effective way of finding an ideal professional for the job is asking questions that have both face value answers and provide a lot of insight on how the contractor views their craftsmanship and customers.

Here are the top questions you should ask:


  1. What’s Your Average Lead Time?

Jobs involving construction are seasonal. The time taken between signing a contract and starting the actual work may vary greatly. Moreover, selection of materials such as non-standard colors and custom sizes can affect the start date.

When a potential contractor answers this question, they are not only indicating their work timeline, but they are also informing you how their installation services are in demand.

When talking to contractors, you will most likely find out that they can start working on the project at approximately the same day. However, there are exceptional contractors who can start the work immediately.

Although it is likely that they may have had a project cancelled, it may also be that the contractor lacks enough satisfied clients for generating repeat businesses.

Also, be on the lookout for contractors who moves you up the schedule at the expense of customers who came first with the aim of closing a deal.

This means that they will be punishing another customer when putting you in front of the queue. Just ask yourself whether they would still treat you like that once they get a deposit check from you.


  1. Do You Have References?

In case the contractor hesitates to provide or reveal references, take it as a red flag. A reputable contractor will always be willing to reveal their references and actually be proud about it. You can go ahead and contact some references directly.

Happy customers will be glad and proud showing off the work that was done and share what they think about the contractor involved.

When talking to the references, you should not just ask about what was done right. Ask whether there are any details that went wrong and what the contractor did to deal with inevitable issues.

This will assist you in knowing how the contractor would handle inevitable issues when working on your project.


  1. Is The Crew Trained On How To Handle Lead Paint?

In case your home is older, especially if it was built before 1970s, then it might have some lead paint. If this is the case, then ask your contractor whether their crew is well trained on handling lead safely.

It is not very complicated to control lead dust when replacing a door or window. However, it would take some extra work to ensure that the lead dust does not spread throughout your property when the replacement work is being done.

There are industrial standards set for remodeling work involving a home that has traces of lead paint. Ask the potential contractor whether they are aware about these regulations and whether they would comply with them.



  1. What Preparation Is the Homeowner Required To Do?

It is crucial to know whether you will be required to do any preparation work for the window or door installation project. Read this guide to learn about prices for different types of doors.

Will you move your furniture away from the work area? Will you move your motor vehicle to create some space for the dumpster in your driveway? If this is necessary, will it stay there overnight or will it be hauled away before the day ends? In case you have some pets, should they be regulated in one part of your home? You may also want to read How to Transport Aluminium Windows and Doors.

The contractor should inform you on what you should expect or come up with a way of ensuring you don’t get any surprises during the work day.

Asking such details when searching for a contractor will assist you in setting expectations and assessing whether the contractor is in a position to think through and plan well about the installation process.


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  1. In Case Structural Issues Are Discovered, What Will Happen?

A key challenge that remodeling contractors face is guessing the issues that may be hidden behind the walls. Doors and windows that appear sturdy might be sitting on a damaged framing such as a wood frame damaged by water exposure or insects.

Hence, serious structural defects might be seen once the door or window is removed from the wall during replacement.

What you are searching for with regard to this query is an installer who acknowledges the fact that an unexpected issue may come up and they have a mechanism in place to handle such occurrences.

For instance, the contractor should be able to at least stabilize the defect where the issue is not an urgent or major safety concern. Costs for such extra work should be discussed and any worthy contractor should have such a procedure for handling unexpected issues.


  1. What Clean-Up Would Be Expected?

Projects involving construction are obviously dusty. Even the cleaner jobs such as door or window installation generate some mess. Ask the contractor about the extent of the cleaning work they will do.

Different contractors have different ways of handling the final cleaning work. Some companies will do the “construction clean” type of cleaning, whereby they will remove debris and sweep the entire work area.

Others will do a cleaning type known as “deep clean”, whereby they will leave the working area looking better than they found it. Either method of cleaning is acceptable. It is crucial to get an idea of the kind of cleaning to expect after the work is done.

If the installation process will take multiple days, then ask the contractor about how they will leave the working area overnight.

Any work area tends to have some hazards. A dusty store or room with boxed tools would be totally different from the one that has nails and saw blades scattered all over.


  1. How Do They Handle Warranty Claims?

It is very important to ask this question in order to be sure that you are not going to hire contractors who have “taillight warranties”, which refers to a warranty that would expire immediately the contractor leaves the site.

Even quack contractors will not admit that they have fake warranties. Hence, be on keen about extremely optimistic guarantees and vague assurances on fixing problems without an end date.

Get a contractor who has a clear warranty with everything pointed out. Smart professionals integrate warranty costs in their prices.

For instance, you might pay more for the product, but you will be guaranteed of peace of mind knowing that you are working with a contractor who will stand by the work they do.

Although no single contractor would answer all these questions to your complete satisfaction, asking them such questions will assist you in assessing their trustworthiness and professionalism.

If you are planning to hire a contractor to work on your home, then you deserve knowing that you are choosing the best contractor.