If you’re looking for a fantastic addition to your doors and windows, then you won’t go wrong with louvres. They’re an incredible and useful style of windows.

What are louvre windows? How do louvres work? This article discusses louvres in detail. Read on to learn more about louvre windows.

aluminium and glass louvres in a modern Sydney home


About Louvres

Typically, louvres are several individual slats fitted and spaced at a regular interval in a window, shutter, or door. The slats are either entirely adjustable or fitted permanently in place.

They’re specially designed to allow air and light into a room. Louvres are commonly made of PVC, timber, glass, or aluminium. They’re ideal for installation in both the interior and exterior of a building. Reach out to our team of window installers to learn more about aluminium louvre windows in Sydney.


Advantages of Louvres

Louvre windows are popular in most homes for several good reasons. One of their main advantages is that they make it possible to control the amount of ventilation and light that enters into a room.

For instance, you can block out air and light by closing the louvre window completely. You can as well open the window partially depending on the amount of air and light you want into the room for enhanced comfort.

With louvres, you’re free to open them the way you want. Adjustable louvres make it possible to control the level of privacy in a room. You can angle them the way you want to allow for some privacy while still allowing air and light into the room.

Louvres are a great architectural element that can be added to any residential property. Louvre windows create a stunning look in any home.

You can opt for a tropical or classic style by installing wooden louvres. Also, you can choose a modern, sleek look by installing aluminium or glass louvres.

Although louvres are commonly installed in windows, it’s also possible to install them in other areas of your home. For instance, you can install them within your home as sliding doors or screens to add privacy to a certain area or to create walls around an entertainment area.

You can also use them as artwork or cupboard doors. You only need sufficient space to install them and enjoy their functionality and numerous benefits.

Whether adjustable or fixed, louvres are simple to use. Louvres can be permanently fixed, fully adjustable, or fixed in a sliding panel.

Adjustable louvres are manually operated with the help of a lever or automated. Automated louvres are operated with a button or sensors such that they shut automatically when it’s raining or during full sun and open automatically during favorable weather to allow for light and ventilation.

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