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Office Renovations – An Ultimate Guide To Renovating Your Office Space

The office plays a major role in reflecting the image of a business. Thus, you should always give your office the best possible look. When done the right way, office upgrades and renovations boost employee productivity.

Our office renovations Sydney team understands that an office represents your company. Thus, you need to renovate your office in the best way possible for it to reflect a positive and professional image of your business.

While an office renovation or refurbishment may appear like an extremely challenging project, a well thought out office renovation project can ultimately give your employees and company long-term benefits. Here’s a guide for a perfect office renovation project.

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Planning Your Office Renovation

It’s very crucial to have a plan for renovating your office. The plan should be well thought out for the renovation to be successful. Smart planning throughout the planning stages will ensure your efforts are fruitful.

Planning assists in defining the specific goals you want from the project. Be proactive when developing a plan to get the best results from the project. Whether you’re planning to create a modern space or increase the functionality of the existing space, it’s crucial to let the project manager know your needs.

You can create a renovation checklist to assist in making your needs clear. Planning before starting the project will ensure that each and every aspect of the renovation project is completed successfully and on time.


Assembling a Renovation Team

Before starting the project, it’s good to consider the extent of work required. You’ll need to decide whether you’ll remain at the space being renovated or relocate temporarily. In case you’ve some space where you can settle temporarily, then create the team you’ll move with.

The team may include employees who may want to be part of the transition, the main contact for any employee inquiries that may come up, the design team, and the project manager.

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Doing Market Research

It’s advisable to assess the current situation of the building where the office is located before starting the renovation work.

You can ask for input from your employees about the project to increase the chances of succeeding in the project. Your employees may have great ideas about the renovation and they’ll appreciate taking part in the project.

In case the office is located in a tall building, it would help to consult offices situated on other floors that may have renovated in the recent past.

You can get a consultant to assist you throughout the project and discuss your renovation checklist. The consultant will also offer advice on the renovation and give you an estimate of the project.

Assess what other business have done when renovating their offices and get some ideas about the cost and time frames.

You can also get more ideas from the internet, books, and magazines regarding office renovation. When talking to your renovation company, communicate your goals in a clear manner.


Plan for Your Office Relocation

While it’s possible to work while doing a renovation, its best to relocate temporarily to ensure your employees remain productive and happy throughout the process. Look for temporary workspaces for different needs and spaces those that can accommodate many employees.

You can even find workspaces that are ready for a move in, such that they have preinstalled computers and phones. Such ready offices would make the transition smoother than carrying everything with you.


Contingency Planning

It’s always great to have a reliable contingency plan in the event of a crisis. Issues may arise regardless of having a great plan. It’s important to set aside 10 percent of the overall cost of renovation for unforeseen setbacks.

Also, ensure the temporary workspace is available beyond the expected date of project completion just in case you’ll have to stay a bit longer.

Almost all office renovation projects experience unexpected issues. Problems can emerge at any time. For instance, bad weather may delay the scheduled delivery of office furniture and construction materials.

By having a reliable contingency plan as well as having a budget for it, your project won’t be derailed by unforeseen issues.

Always plan before starting the project and adhere to your plan and renovation checklist when considering an office refurbishment.

Being proactive and prepared will ensure the renovation work is smooth and easier for everyone involved while decreasing chances of unexpected challenges from occurring.

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Safety and Health

You can take advantage of the renovation to remove any potential safety and health hazards that might be existing in your office.

For instance, an old carpet may be hosting dust and bacteria that have the potential to compromise the well-being of your employees.

Also, if your office is located in an older generation building, then it might have asbestos insulation. You can remove asbestos insulation during the renovation.

Also, choosing paint and refurbishment materials that have minimal chemical components to improve the quality of air in your workspace.


Furniture is Important

Furniture and internal fittings play a huge role in any office. It’s advisable to match your theme when selecting furniture and other fittings.

You can visit a local showroom or other offices in search of ideas for interior décor. It’ll also help to explore something unique by being creative.

No matter the kind of budget or goals you have, there are many positive outcomes that result from an office renovation.

There are many things you’ll need to consider, and the best thing is that you’ll end up having a healthy working environment.

Remember that a renovated workspace plays a major role in enhancing the image of your business. It also makes your employees more confident and makes your business gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

You’ll also benefit from increased sales upon enhancing the corporate image of your business. Thus, office renovation can be an investment with huge returns in the long term.


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