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Aluminium & Glass Partitions for Offices

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Contrary to common perception, modern office partitioning is a delicate art that requires a lot of planning and ingenuity for proper implementation.

Unlike in the past where solid brick and mortar dividers compelled most corporate employees to work under confined conditions, the emergence of new technological innovation is gradually changing the overall architecture of modern day office partitioning in suburbs like Artarmon, Cammeray, Northbridge and other areas of Sydney NSW.

For instance, the current application of trendy office partitions such as glass has not only enhanced style and elegance to the general office ambiance, but more importantly helped boost the morale of employees in organizations.

In addition to that, these modern office partitions have been known to allow ample lighting in the office space – a factor that drastically lowers the cost of electricity.

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partitions workspace in your office with frameless glass

At Innovative Aluminum and Glass, we provide our esteemed clients with a wide range of quality office partition options to choose from that can no doubt leave a lasting impression for companies. Moreover, we come fully equipped with the much needed hands-on experience that spans decades in the business.

We also are flexible enough to allow our clients a free hand to choose their most desired panels according to their style, décor and preference. Our company is known for provision of the following solutions:

Plaster Boards – they are the most trending partitions currently and have the capacity to drastically enhance the general outlook of your organization for the better. They boast a simplistic design, yet full of modernity and class.

Frameless Glass Wall – these are basically wall that have gained a lot of prominence in recent past due to its overall ability to offer a very unique ambiance to a particular surrounding.

Semi- Frameless Glass – these are basically glass partitions that serve as ideal for organizations seeking a more stylish setting to provides extra robustness and enhance the décor.

Frameless Glass Doors – they are also trending currently due to the quality finish and welcoming appearance.

Skirting – they are the most effective applications widely regarded for their ability to provide clean appearance and elegance to a particular setting.

Aluminium Office Dividers

When it comes to aluminum partitions, our company is widely recognized as the leading provider of topnotch and solid commercial aluminum. We are adequately equipped with the requisite technology and innovative expertise to provide our clients with the best quality aluminum partition systems that aptly compliment their requirements and needs.

Also, our products are fitting and flexible enough to drastically transform the general ambiance of your workplace.

Glass Office Partitioning

In regards to our glass partitions, we have always endeavored to walk the extra mile in ensuring that our products are designed in a stylish and modern way with the sole aim of enhancing style and class to the overall office setting.

Moreover, our glass products have the capacity to drastically lower the cost of electricity since they are specially designed to allow plenty of light into the room.

Wide Range of Products

We have accumulated a wealth of experience that enables us to provide our esteemed clients with customized dividers crafted from a variety of designs to address their specific needs.

For instance, we provide Tinted or Logo-printed office partitions that afford the company an opportunity to determine and embrace their brands on walls and doors. Frosted partitions have also been gaining a lot of prominence lately due to their unique ability to provide aesthetic choices to clients.


At Innovative AG, we have over the years learnt to attach a lot of value to deadlines and therefore we have always endeavored to deliver quotes within the required timelines so as to provide ample time for the overall execution of the project. Call us for more information on how to get quality and aesthetically pleasing office partitions.

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