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Aluminium & Glass Partitions for Offices


Many people think office partitions are unattractive to look at and were designed to keep employees from socializing. Some people have come to see participation as creating a prison like environment in the office.

The setups of partitions have changed. They are now designed to be stylish and will allow the office to be more efficient.

The glass partition will provide natural light to the office and they are stylish. This will give the workplace a modern look.

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glass dividing walls in office

Innovative Aluminum and Glass will help you find your ideal panels for your workplace in Crows Nest, Lane Cove, Chatswood and surrounding areas of North Sydney. There are number of different options that will fit into your workplace.

  • Frameless Glass Walls – these walls have a unique look and are a favorite of many companies
  • Framed Glass – these are great for organizations that are looking to add a touch of elegance to their office
  • Semi Frameless Glass – great for those that want the freedom of frameless with a look of class.
  • Skirting – this will allow the office to have a clean appearance
  • Frameless Glass Doors – they are welcoming and are in high demand
  • Plaster Boards – they are simple yet allow for organization

Aluminium Dividers

We are the top supplier of aluminum partitions. They are efficient and will allow your business to operating in an orderly fashion.

With these partitions you can have a design that is flexible and there are a wide selection of colors to chose from. These are great for both small and wide work areas.

 Glass Wall Partitions

These partitions come in many designs and styles. They will add a touch of class to the office. The employees will have an open work area and will provide natural lighting which will help save money on the electric bill.

Variety is Important

Many businesses want their design to set them apart from the competition. They want look of the office to provide inspiration to both their employees and customers.

We values that you want the best for your office. We will never tell you no when it comes to finding the perfect design for your office.

We carry a large range of styles so you can find the perfect one. We have a number of items that can be fully customized. Here are some ways we can help with your office design:

  • Small – there are partitions made for small office paces. They will employees to have addition storage space on shelves without looking cluttered.
  • Tined or Logo- you can have your office logo embedded right on the partition glass.
  • Clear or Frosted Glass Fit Ins- this is one of the most common requests and we can customized this based on your preferences

We would like to hear all of your ideas so we can help with your workplace design.


  • Your office cannot look great without the proper material. We use only the highest quality material in all of our work.
  • We use top quality products for shelves ,locks, doors, handles, and even the bolts that hold everything together.
  • We take provide in working with the best suppliers and our clients can look through any designs and parts that we offer.
  • We will also work with customers that are going to be providing their own hardware.

Fast Installation

Time is important to everyone . We will give you a same day quote. All work will be done in a timely manner so you can get back to work.

We guarantee a same day quote. Once the project has started we will complete it quickly.

Please contact us today to find out how these aluminum office partitions can improve your workplace.

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