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Aluminium & Glass Offices Partitions Walls

We are emerging from an era where office partitions had assumed a very negative reputation mostly because most were largely brick and mortar based.

Indeed, it was an era where most office dividers comprised of low quality partitions that confined employees of an organization into separate booths. Besides that, the boardrooms were largely designated and confined for specific special occasions.

As a result, these partitions inevitably assumed the kind of setups that resembled isolation in a mini-prison. However, with the introduction of new technological innovation in recent past, the world is now witnessing a total revolution in the office partitioning niche.

The efficient and stylish application of office partition has not only enhanced an element of elegance to office environments but has triggered a very trendy wave that is inevitably embraced by most modern companies.

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framless glass partitioned meeting rooms in office

At Innovative Aluminum and Glass, we provide a wide range of topnotch solutions to choose from and as a result, help organizations design their workspace according to their needs.


Our custom solutions are specifically intended to address your company’s preferred style. Here are some of the products to expect:

Framed Glass – unlike other available options, framed glass serves as the most ideal for solution for organizations that are more interested in enhancing elegance and openness.

Frameless Glass Walls – this are basically the most effective applications for corporate seeking for something more striking. Also, the walls have the capacity to provide a very unique semblance.

Semi-Frameless Glass – this is a glass product touted as ideal for companies interested in adding style to their interior but with some form of extra robustness.

Skirting – it is designed to provide clean appearance without compromising on elegance.

Frameless Glass Doors – they appear more welcoming to the visitors and also provide aesthetically appealing appearances for the overall decorative design of your office.

Plaster Boards – they are simplistic in nature yet very attractive with a modern touch.



Aluminium Partitions:

When it comes to commercial aluminum partitions, we are ranked as the preferred innovative suppliers.

We take a lot of pride in providing sleek, aluminum-oriented solutions which are geared towards adding a touch of elegance and class to your workspace.



Glass Office Partitions:

We offer a wide range of style and design to choose from and irrespective of the size of your organization, we provide other related solutions besides aluminum application.

Furthermore, our glass solutions are known to bear translucent designs, which serve as ideal for those in need of sufficient lighting into the office space.



Variety is Key:

We come with the much needed experience in the field and therefore provide topnotch solutions to enhance the general surrounding of the office.

This not only provides morale to employees but has capacity to enhance the general performance in the organization.

We provide a wide range of quality solutions which include: Tinted or logo printed partitions that grants the organization an opportunity to embrace the brand on doors and walls, to Frosted or clear glass fit-outs that is gradually gaining a lot of prominence lately due to its topnotch quality.



Quality is King:

We fully embrace the concept of customer relations and satisfaction and therefore we always endeavor to provide quality solutions that aptly address the specific needs of our clients.

As such, we apply the highest quality materials for our partitions to offer satisfactory results.



Quick Installation:

At Innovative AG, we are alive to the fact that our clients need to get quotes as fast as possible so as to complete the project within the envisaged timelines.

With this in mind, we have always endeavored to be the most effective solution providers in this region and beyond, through tangible acts and deeds.

Contact us now to get the trendiest solutions for your glass and aluminum office requirements.

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